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  1. I don't beleive there was a 51' DP. There were 38, 42, 48 & 55. The 51 was an earlier C & C design
  2. Crashdog, Out of curiosity, what on earth would cause lead and cast iron keels create any problems, this has been used for 30 years by many builders? Pehr
  3. I agree, I have not heard of a single X-Yacht who had their integral keel grid replaced (sure there must be some) , they had used this since 1980 (650 built since). mine was built in 1985 and showed no sign of coming apart from the hull, not even rust, they were if I recall correctly hot galvanized and simply glassed into the hull. A 3/4 tonner had a bumpy ride from Fl to Chicago had the forward end cracked from the hull however this was simply remedied. Earlier in the thread, someone mentioned the windows, beware they will all leak and needs to be rebedded, not an easy task to make it last. B
  4. She's in the Baltic, Estonia. Did the last two years of the ÅF offshore race, still named "Fujimo".
  5. That building in shot # 3 got to be the Royal Swedish YC (Sandhamn) in the background.
  6. Bondi Tram, the Frers 42 from three decades ago is for sale in Hawaii, good looking boat. That's from Yachtworld.
  7. Serious Boat porn, one of the coolest period of yacht racing.
  8. Three times around, I think not. That's the short course (roughly) for the ILYC distance race.
  9. I spent plenty of time on a BB10M in the early 80's. An IRC rating of .928 is a gift. It rated LYS 1.19 which would equal a IRC rating of about .985 or so. Equal to most 3/4 Tonners of that era. Cool boat and well built.
  10. The "Midnight Sun" I was referring to was the 40' built in wood by Souters. The 50' was built by Huisman and did indeed end up on LIS with named retained. There was a IMP sistership called "Impetous" I think owned by an Irishman.
  11. Looks like the old Midnight Sun, built by Souters in the UK 79' or so pre IMP?
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