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  1. yup mag cover did it for a lot of us
  2. Make sure the instructors are properly dressed
  3. If he likes to complain I would park in ass igned commodores parking spot every Wednesday night until he apologies to everyone and buys everyone a round of beer and a box of edibles.
  4. https://www.solosailing.org.uk/the-boat/ Aluminium masts replaced the standard ‘Collar’ wooden masts and sailmakers’ such as Mountifield and Musto+Hyde were developing sails to match masts provided by Holt, Proctor and Needlespar. There were also some masts produced which pushed the boundaries of legality by fitting thin metal plates to the top to adhere to the mast measurement tolerances. Fortunately, the Solo Class has always had some fantastic measurers who have kept members, builders and manufacturers on the straight and narrow. Martin Grounds, Jim Gates, Ron Green and Gordo
  5. Did the commodore not pass the open book race management test? 26 STARTING RACES Races shall be started by using the following signals. Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded.
  6. https://tiwal.com/compare-tiwal-sailboats/
  7. RACE DOGTESTS POSITIVE FOR METH... Trainer Disqualified https://www.tmz.com/2021/04/27/race-dog-positive-meth-trainer-disqualified/
  8. oh Oooh More fees.I think sum dastardly officials are getting sum sum kickbacks from insurance companies to fund "there" super duper super secret vacay's
  9. Everybody needs to calm down and have happy thoughts
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