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  1. they did not do their penalty turn. We accepted their 40% penalty in arbitration. There was no disagreement we had overlap before entering and maintained overlap while entering the 3 boat-length zone.
  2. The outside port boat (Fat Boys) was the one the hit our stern rail and caught out deck brush (hitting our driver)
  3. This is a Gate not a Mark. 18.4 Gybing When an inside overlapped right-of-way boat must gybe at a mark to sail her proper course, until she gybes she shall sail no farther from the mark than needed to sail that course. Rule 18.4 does not apply at a gate mark. Since 18.4 does not apply, Port Starboard does. We are entitled to both right of way and mark room on the port boat (Fat Boys) but have to give mark room to the starboard boat inside of us (Maverick) that got to the zone before us with no overlap.
  4. During the first leeward rounding of our Capri 25 one design regatta we had some interesting contact with a boat that had to give us right of way and inside mark room. I think next time we come in on Starboard we will hail "Starboard and Inside" and not "Inside overlap". I am interested what kind of rules discussion this video sparks. And it is too funny not to share.
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