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  1. Good point, well presented. I would be keen to know just how often R69 is applied against Juniors compared to the overall population. I cannot believe it's common? Is it?
  2. Does anyone know, roughly, on average how many R69 hearing there are in a year? And how many result in discipline? How many involve juniors?
  3. He's no mug though, he'll be back.
  4. LOL. You mean, just like the AC?
  5. Well, that's bollocks. It's not match racing if the boats are different. It's about, traditionally ,who had the most money, and latterly, who had the smarts in design. If June 2017 had been 10 knots windier, Peter would have headed back to NZ with his tail between his legs, talented as he undoubtedly is. And for their part, Oracle should have looked at historical wind for June. but that's in the past. The AC75 boats where phenomenal, but the racing was crap, dull, lack lustre, unexciting. Oh yes, I could see the nuance as a sailor myself, and I get the history, but boy there was a
  6. But you get my point, bigger fleet, one-design at speed is simply more entertaining than the notion of a match between two boats that are nowhere near each other after the start. If they were doing 25 knots instead of 50, and were closer together then I'd be more inclined to stay up to some god awful hour to watch it!
  7. I agree, it was, but really that's all it had in it's favour. The AC boats may well have been faster, more elegantly designed, but who cares? The racing was crap with perhaps the exception of one or two races. It wasn't a spectacle, didn't invite people into sailing and simply wasn't exciting. Send them out in J24's, at least it would have been close.
  8. I don't think it would matter, big, fast, all the same, so close racing. You'd get some economies of scale, but you'd need to think about where it's practical to race such large fast boats in a fleet. Also, the F50's have detachable bows to fit them in standard 40 foot containers....so there's a bit more than just the design criteria. The real issue, point, raison d'etre, is do you buy into the concept of a year round extreme series, like F1, that brings high octane sailing to the masses? Can it be sustainable? If Oracle had retained the Cup here in Bermuda in 2017, then I think that's wh
  9. Saw lots of similar comments on this topic. Who cares? Really, who actually cares if the broadcast schedule is fixed? And why does anyone care about LE cash??
  10. Arguably, but compared to SailGP, AC36 was like watching paint dry.
  11. Well well. I was out on the water, it looked fantastic close up, and commentary via VHF was "acceptable". Reviewing the coverage on TV later, graphics were "hokey" and need to be improved, camera angles were poor - only one camera boat on the water and one helicopter, and I agree the KPH nonsense has to go - needs to be in knots. Commentators were between a rock and a hard place - trying to make it understandable and exciting for non-sailors and interesting for those of us that are sailors. All in all, not bad coverage and sure it could be better. The racing, however, was awesome and in
  12. Thank you, it's appreciated.
  13. Exactly. He needs the event for marketing, for visitors (spectators obviously aren't coming due to COVID), the sailors, shore teams, etc etc to demonstrate that Bermuda is open for business, it's a great venue for sports etc etc. ....he needs the event to happen. Desperately.
  14. Burt talks out of both sides of his mouth. He can't afford for this to fail, he presides over a struggling economy that needs big events. He'll work to make it happen, and that might mean exceptions and bending of rules. He's a politician after all.
  15. It won't. Teams will live, sail in their respective bubbles. It might affect spectators, but this lockdown is only for 7 days, so it might not. Good to see foiling cats back on the Greta Sound yesterday though.
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