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  1. You are dumb aren't you ? So Jacinda should begin with most vaccinated countries which are Malta and Iceland, isn't it ? Well Iceland number of cases are exploding now more than any other place in the world. And if you think a vaccinated person living NZ has no chance of getting the virus you are clueless. Why don't you stick to your orginal idea to close NZ for each one new case in the population ? How many years ? Dumb.
  2. As said before. NZ had the world's dumbest strategy.
  3. Dominance is gold at the Olympics or winning SailGP, they got none of them. And that is for the best in NZ. They won the AC with a faster boat thanks to foreign designers working in NZ.
  4. Not for the foils. Well, NZ may get back home a designer
  5. So, your only glory is to know Dalts ? How old are you ? 4 ? Fidji Wanker.
  6. The past success did not have so much to do with what he did than with his designers, now let's see what happens for AC37.
  7. Yes, their behaviour with AM and INEOS was not correct, but who is burning the bridges ? GD burnt the bridges with Russell, then with all the AC35 challengers, now with LR. How long before the war happens with Ineos ? But Ratcliffe is not a small player and has more cards in his hands.
  8. Nothing agains TH, but they have to change the team, and that begins with the management. BTW, their first role now is to keep the designers and find new ones.
  9. My bet is that GD and Ratc already know the venue, secured the money (some advance for the brits regarding that), already work on their new boat, and when they announce it in sept or october the others will be too late to catch up.
  10. Correct, but they were beaten in the CSS, I don't know if that would count. No problem for ETNZ, it does not concern the winning boat.
  11. Because: "No vessel which has been defeated in a match for this Cup can be again selected by any Club as its representative until after a contest for it by some other vessel has intervened, or until after the expiration of two years from the time of such defeat." I don't know if their B1, if still existing, could be considered not defeated and modified to make a winning boat. I guess the best solution would be to build a new hull, same for UK and Italy.
  12. 4, the main contributor to the SailGP thread, pushing it to the top with most people not reading what he writes.
  13. Known: - GD and Ratcliffe discuss of a possible AC37 - TNZ can keep its boat and optimize it - the Brits have build a new boat or modify it and consider it as a new boat with the miracle of the MC Known unknown - date of the next AC - possibility for other competitors to compete - They don't know the venue while the others may already know it and benefit from it Unknown ? Certainty - the teams who compete for AC37 will have a huge advantage for AC38 as the will have the possibility to race on the AC75 3 rd version.
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