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  1. I Think you are Correct.....!!! not sure it was Ted's boat though: Ted Irwin was still cruising in the Florida Keys aboard his own 68 footer, Distant Drummer, into his 70s. see the Ted Irwin Story below: http://www.irwinyachts.com/Irwin_Story/ted-irwin.html There were not too many 68's with hot tubs I am not sure of the exact number but out of 6000 Irwin boats and 50 65's and 68's I think there may only be about 5 68's with hot tubs.
  2. You may be correct i do not think we have that metal louvered vent i will check today. it sure looks exactly the same with the same dingy and life raft missing cushion etc....Seabrook has always had blue Topsides. I do not see it on the Cooper site now somebody must have bought it. Thanks for the encouragement. Scott
  3. The boat has been in California since 1989 no swamping known of except for the TV movie "Two came back". Still has original Perkins engine. The boat has been owned by one owner since 1989. Just think about it the chance of chain plate failure is much less than 1%. 99.9% chance of no failure. Just be careful driving on freeways.
  4. Is there any evidence i can look at that documents these chain plate failures...? I here about all these chain plate failures but have never actually see evidence i can point to. Here is what i have done about the issue so far. With my knowledge of crevice corrosion and boat corrosion in general and after talking to people associated with Irwin, reading an article on the Irwin site and speaking with the x-ray technician from San Diego whose phone number was in the article (he said x-ray will not detect crevice corrosion), and speaking with a surveyor that would have done a therm
  5. We are rebuilding and refitting a Irwin 68 please see gallery
  6. I have started a gallery of pictures of the repairs going on that i will add to.
  7. Posted July 21, 2020 Found out that the boat may have been Irwin’s personal boat. It’s in nice shape but what a waste of space unless you store fenders and other gear in the hot tub. I think I’m going to pass on this one unless I find a couple of young hot girls to live aboard with me. "Seabrook" never was Ted Irwin's personal boat. I have been Lucky enough to be able use her for the last 30 years. She was a misfit since the day she was taken out of the mold. Around 1985 Irwin had a bad Fiberglass supervisor many boats had bad layup's. Seabrook is one of them many 1/8" hole
  8. Has jumped in and the water is fine.....

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