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  1. Don't leave out Gary Nixon from the list of greats that rode Suzuki!
  2. Have to agree. Video game. Notice that none of the spectators turn to watch the bike go by.
  3. By the time we got to the Roanoke exit, the WSP was on site to stop the progress. Not a lot of SPD involved at that point. The leading marchers sat down, most of us were diverted to the exit. Remarkably calm. Of course that was when you had to be 6'3" to be a WSP officer (or 6'2" with a college degree). Large guys who remained calm and firm that the march was stopping.
  4. About time! Like the cafes in Paris, if you hang out long enough, you see yourself! Only 8615 posts to get there. That's me on the left. The day the Viet Nam war started to end. The day Mom and Dad found out the US government would kill their children to put down dissent. A day I won't forget!
  5. I missed on a Comet in Vancouver in '99. They wanted $5000 for it and it seemed high. Oh well!
  6. Sachem -Boat of the Year 2012 at Seattle Yacht Club
  7. Your getting as cranky as me -- and its me that Huston is yelling about.

    I give you this clue.

    You sailed -- or still do on my A27.

  8. Am I the only one who cares anymore?
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