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  1. The Loaded Baked Potato flavor is excellent. Idahoan is damn good for backpacking. Just add boiling water and after some stirring magic happens.
  2. Maybe you should read a couple words past the ones you put in bold. "cleated to" You're going to have to help me out with this. I'm not picking up on your point. Very good. Now the whole remainder of that sentence and the one following it. I thought it was pretty funny, but I also enjoyed your thorough rebuttal of the theory that the dinghy is still there, but dragging along submerged. That's tellin' 'em.
  3. What in God's own name are you talking about? No sailor believes that is a possibility. That fact that you can not tell the difference between a sailing joke and a theory puts you squarely aboard with RImas's experience level. You must be one of Rimas's non-sailing co-dependent enablers. Having been through two curricanes at sea and I don't know how many 1,000+ nm passages -- complete with the inevitable squalls, gales, etc., I have seen that one of the main destroyers of gear on a boat is chafe. Towing the dinghy with a single 3/8" line (that's about what it looked like in the two phot
  4. This is just a party-in-power-can't-protect-us campaign to get out the vote. If it wasn't, we would have an answer to that question I've been asking about how many people in the US have contracted Ebola, who were not in direct contact/providing care for an Ebola patient, instead of goonish ad hominems and misdirections. Look on the bright side. Less than two weeks until all of the epidemic and panic in this country is over.
  5. Except that it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_geoscheme_for_Africa
  6. Houston to Lagos is one. There's that Texas connection again...
  7. I think we have to consider the bats. Nigeria has lots of bats. Big bats, little bats, middlin' sized bats, and more than a reasonable amount of all three. Every damn night they spread crap everywhere and thereby may have made Nigerian' immune systems exceptionally robust. I will accept my $.02 in check or money order. Please do not mail cash, and do NOT use any princes or other associated royalty as intermediaries, thank you. Good to hear from ya again. Well if your theory on the protective properties of copious amounts of batshit is correct we owe a debt of gratitude to certain
  8. You can't spell Democrat without 60% of the letters in Ebola. That seems suspiciously close if you ask me. Everyone with Superior Knowledge knows these things.
  9. It's an election year. Got to come up with something to get the jumpy-up-and-downies to the polls. This election is a referendum on Ebola.
  10. Why not post YOUR sailing experience which enables you to judge people whom you feel have unfavorably judged Rimas? ... I think a better test for this thread would be, "How old were you when you would have been able to sail better than Rimas?" About 10 in my case. that's because we sail.. he drift/sails and his adventures of a drifter are probably equally unexciting . 40 years old in So. Am. with 15 bucks..ok what you do? live in the jungle n trap food with locals? eat coca leaves and hike to the source of the Amazon? He most likely bummed food n housing from poor people that thou
  11. Holds up quite well, actually. Designed to remain water tight for 40 days.
  12. I almost feel bad for you. Why is that? I married a Doctor and my daughter is an epidemiologist who has been to the Congo and Mozambique on contract with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Her father in law is currently serving with the French Military in Côte d'Ivoire. You could say I have a vested interest in the subject. Because you have devoted time to monitoring the dates when the CDC website is updated. You need to get some hobbies.
  13. You're outnumbered. There's just so many of them. You had better lay down your arms as I have: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=159352&p=4689795
  14. I am in DFW as I type this. Perfect record may be in danger.
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