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  1. Employment will be stagnant for some time to come with occasional inflections of notable employment drop offs during rounds of state, local and fed worker layoffs as municipalities and whole states go broke. It will be very difficult to grow our way out of this. We simply don't have the export horsepower per capita that we once did, and the American consumer cannot make up the difference. http://seekingalpha.com/article/209248-bernanke-testimony-indicates-fed-still-in-denial?source=hp Double dip a comin'
  2. Nick DG - Only reason I ever tune into this thread is to see what you are up to. You've trumped yourself with the VF cover. Brilliant!!!! Dunno what got me going more, the mumby 4 square hats or the toddler with the red dot.... And the shopping pic you did after her landing in Perth -- while my favorite ok -- maybe the princess from the nabe might have been -- is more prophetic than ever.
  3. It should be obvious that the mall hopping, pizza wolfing, beachcombing Princess Soanya bailed ship because of the aroma. And no nocking NDG. I think he's got the Void Ho 2008 'wildlife' calendar content all sewn up.
  4. Maybe some one here knows, or you can check in with your buddies on CA, but I seem to recall that OZ recently instituted a fairly draconian landing authorization (something like 72 hours notice springs to mind) and severe fines if you roll up on your yacht uncleared?
  5. Captain??? uh... no. That's a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines waiter outfit he picked up at Goodwill. I believe three chevrons in their ensignry indicates head busboy. On a similar note, a gardner showed up at my neighbors house the other day wearing a 2001 KWRW Mt. Gay Hat and a 1999 Harvest Moon Regatta T-Shirt - said he got them all at Goodwill.
  6. There's another issue with the storm jib pic...
  7. That'd be Sayonara with original long hair. They only posted the pic of the sun shade bimini to answer the question as to why they were both still the color of clam juice after having been at sea for 190 odd days.
  8. When looking at the worm picture and the background in question, it struck me that they would need a very sophisticated camera and lens to mask the actual depth of field distance - a tilt down lens for instance that would allow you to select specific areas within the depth of field that you would detailed or blurred. A standard camera with standard Fstop ranges will always display the entire depth of field at varying degrees of detail/clarity as the location of the image items relative to the camera approaches practical infinity - which for most cameras is pretty much anything after 200 feet.
  9. Seems some folk are becoming proactive about fools who go to sea who present a danger to themselves and others and waste rescue resources. Sail-World.com News'Clueless' Lost Sailor Found 10:00 PM Mon 5 Nov 2007 <script language=JavaScript> 'Sailor was trying to sail from Petershead to Wick' . Almost every week of the year there is a report somewhere in the world of boaters who set off on some kind of irresponsible venture that puts the lives of coastguards and other rescue personnel at risk in order to save the lives of those on board. In some parts of th
  10. Regatta Dog, you got me w/the turkey vulture!!! You seem to be developing quite the PhotoChop talent. For some inspiration, go to: http://www.houston-imports.com/forums/show...ad.php?t=379539. Page 1 has the original image situation. The PhotoChops really start heating up at about page 13 and go for another 60 odd pages. Enough classics that they were compiled in a You Tube video. Search for: "my car fell into a ditch" Hopefully it will provide you additional inspiration.
  11. The Bowsprit Incident - Another Theory My fascist groupthink mind was opened by Maggie's convincing post and I took a strengthening stance time out to clear my existentialism and embrace the void that is uncluttered think. And as I opened myself up to be one with the vast sea and the rivers of spiritually inspired thought - a search light - spinning - whirring -wobbling - eventually settled its powerful lumens on the entrance to a new channel of thought and logic, and this great expansion was accompanied by the clear sounds of 5 horns - each perfectly timed to herald the dawning of realiza
  12. My point. I was being a bit tongue in cheek...
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