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  1. We applied VC17 over Baltoplate and it went on fine. Baltoplate is certainly more durable but if you are having the bottom wiped down every couple of weeks it doesn't make a difference.
  2. Assuming all the data from the ORR offset file and the inclination data transfers over, then I'm curious to see what the default crew weight limit is for the boat and whether it makes sense to carry a Code 0 on an IMS designed hull with overlapping headsails. I suspect not but will see. I understand that the default crew weight is usually lower than the default limits under ORR. Can always declare the higher crew weight but seeing what that does to rating will be interesting.
  3. Back in 2000 we were dismasted and the insurance company told me the cost to repair was about the same as a total, so they gave me the choice, either repair or total. I asked for the total and the permission to remove the recent instruments I installed. They agreed. The boat still sails in Lake Ontario, I believe.
  4. The one built by Dickerson? I had one for 7 years. Enjoyed it. They were built well and they were light. Originally had about 1,300 pounds of lead in the bilge. Not sure about sailing it shorthanded as it needed bodies on the rail. Any specific questions?
  5. Eight boats signed up to race on the Great Lakes this summer with one or two more potentially? It will be interesting to watch and Harbor Springs could be awesome. 2020 Great Lakes 52 (GL52) Season Series Preliminary Scratch Sheet Class Specific Report: SelectGreat Lakes 52
  6. Trucked her here, repaired the keel, soda blasted the bottom and then replaced all the standing rigging, ouch! Many more things and the list keeps growing but if you don't enjoy this part of the adventure then get a new boat.
  7. We're are thinking about this same problem on our boat, a N/M 43 fractional rig. At 55 - 65 AWA we seem ok with a jibtop and, if the wind is strong enough, a genoa staysail. At 75 AWA we can fly an S-1, or an S-3, although I believe an asym off the pole would be faster (I don't have one yet). In between a Code 0 should work but I haven't been happy with the one I have. Having it recut this winter and will see if that helps fill the gap. Finally, the other consideration is whether a longer pole would be wise.
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