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  1. I haven't been in years, but at Cowes Race Week the winner of every race received a flag.
  2. Well, now they can tow it out of the environment.
  3. In the video, what is the contraption labeled "GASOLINE" on the aft deck?
  4. Cue the wind and current maps so we can start placing bets on the next landfall.
  5. Okay, Rimas is alive and in Saipan. Now, I am not yet believing he was about to hit a reef several thousand miles away in Fiji and drifted across currents and upwind to Saipan. We have been punked, electronically speaking.
  6. If that new "ping" is real, it shows he was about 5.5 nm from that reef. Making it a little more likely that's where he ended up. The new "ping" is not registering on delorme.com. How and where did Rimas Adrift get it? Is this what Jean means by "tracker codes?"
  7. Why go find him? Because we want to see him do it again. Despite all his ineptness, we are amazed he can drift across an ocean and survive. But it looks like his luck has come to an end. I stick with my prediction that he, perhaps dead, and what's left of Mimsy are on that reef northeast of Rabi Island. Will there be another chapter in the Rimas saga? I hope so because it's so fun to watch. Now, back to work.
  8. That is the only rational explanation for anything about Rimas in this thread.
  9. Meanwhile, back on the water . . . . I'm skeptical of Rimas going north after having broad reached in SE winds, dodging the outlying atolls in the dark. He was only about 10 nm from that J-shaped reef NE of Rabi Island when we last heard from him, moving WSW at 1.87 mph. He would get to the reef in 5+ hours, still daylight; and he would be able to see the 472 meter peak of Rabi Island. To end up north, he would have had to suddenly decide to steer downwind and go through a 10 nm or so passage between the peninsula on the NE end of Vanua Levu island (on the west side) and another at
  10. When Rimas last pinged yesterday he was about 10 nm from the closest reef and generally headed toward it.
  11. Unbelievable. A guy who cannot sail above a broad reach in even a modest breeze suddenly can sail on a close reach to close hauled in 20-30 knots with only a "damaged" jib? And while asleep half of the time? I understand he had a westerly current but I'm having trouble believing this. There are higher powers at work here.
  12. Agree. That would put him about mid-way between Qelelevu and Futuna. No way to make anything in Fiji now, if he's even alive and on the boat. Time for the enablers -- Jean and Jim -- to arrange for SAR?
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