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  1. There was supposed to be a hint of sarcasm and scepticism in my post! But in saying that, they do have the chance now to prove us wrong. Either way, the commentary will remain!
  2. Not long now folks, assuming of course that the Jan 15 date is still locked in?
  3. Yeah, I carry an AIS MOB as well in my life jacket, but I think both devices have their place, maybe just need to be integrated better
  4. I couple of points to consider in reference to some of the earlier discussion re the PLBs: My PLB went off on the first night. I had it on my belt in the manufacturer supplied neoprene case. I had no idea it had gone off, no aerial extended, couldn't see the strobe due to the case and there was nothing audible. The plastic slider that covers the activation button was still in place. It was during/just after the first sked and the call came out over the HF whilst retiring boats were giving details of their retirement to the RC. Our nav was luckily still on the HF to receive the c
  5. They look finished to me on the live feed And I reckon they've got it
  6. Don't always believe the published crew lists on the website. The navigator on URM is Yvette Heritage, former naviguessor on the Black Sheep and current skipper on Noakes Blue 18ft Skiff
  7. Not many pros on boats sailing PHS....I was wondering about the need for 2 divisions!
  8. We'll find out over the next 24hrs when all the PCR test results come back!
  9. You're doing well Y88, only 2 out of the 5 boats you've posted are entered for Hobart!
  10. As per email sent to all competitors yesterday, the COVID Safe Plan requires the declaration 21RSHYR-COVIDSafe-Plan.pdf
  11. Each boat needs to lodge a declaration before the race that all crew have received a negative test result, so if you don't get the result back in time, you don't go.
  12. Where did you hear that? It's not saying that on the TAS Gov website.
  13. Any update on when the Atlas A2 might start shipping?
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