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  1. The important word is "may", it's up to the PC to decide if the breach was severe enough to warrant a full disqualification, not the competitor. There is no guarantee they will get away with a 30% penalty. Like a judge in a court of law not giving the maximum sentence when there are mitigating circumstances. Additionally in this case, hypothetically B347 may have indicated before the hearing they would accept an arbitration penalty but 9930 might have indicated they wished proceed to a full hearing. The PC might have taken this into account when issuing their findings/penalties. Whe
  2. Too bloody low!! Just smashed us in the IRC NSW States at Sail Port Stephens!
  3. The SIs specifically allow for the arbitration penalty to be applied by the PC 10 ARBITRATION 10.1 Arbitration in accordance with RRS Appendix “T” will be used. 10.2 Protests not resolved by Arbitration, for any subsequent protest hearing the penalty given for a breach of a rule of Part 2 may be the arbitration penalty. 10.3 The arbitrator may be a member of any subsequent protest committee or may observe and give testimony to the protest committee. This changes RRS 63.3(a).
  4. Reading the protest outcome it appears the Arbitration penalty was applied to Race 5. (SI 10 & RRS Appendix T). I read this to be a 30% scoring penalty
  5. Out of curiosity, what was the change of course you made when you believed B347 wasn't keeping clear?
  6. The CYCA is obviously waiting for the 11am announcement of new cases, closely followed by the TAS Government closing the border to the rest of Greater Sydney, before they pull the pin. Even if they do somehow go ahead, it's not a great look for sailing to be running the race whilst people can't visit their families for Xmas
  7. Email from the CYCA this morning: "The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) is continuing to plan for the running of the 2020 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. The CYCA is closely monitoring the recent NSW Health COVID-19 advisory warnings for Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the current Tasmanian Government exclusions. The CYCA continues to work with NSW Health and the Tasmania Department of Health and we will put any additional measures in place to ensure the Race remains COVIDSafe. The CYCA premises remain open, however, the Club asks Members and guests to strictly adhere to NSW He
  8. Back on now, view it on Facebook to help support her
  9. About time, we've all been crying out for another new class!
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