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  1. Sending all the love I can from France. The bow may be narrow and pointy, but you can hang in there.
  2. For Sea Warrior and other people with a brain (not Whyne), there is a Boulevard Bobby Sands in Le Mans. We have long standing family friends who live near there, and many years ago, they rang to warn us about the name being chosen shortly before we visited, and drove down said Boulevard. Drinks were taken and an open discussion ensued during which French and Scots saw pretty much eye to eye on the subject, as both were open minded and interested in the how and why.
  3. UK went one way and EU another. By mid summer we will all be in the same situation probably.
  4. And sod all vaccines for first doses for the next 3 months ....
  5. More good news for Whyne ... JP Morgan He also warned that the bank is likely to move people out of London and to Europe due to Brexit. He said Europe "has had, and will continue to have, the upper hand" in Brexit negotiations. How many move out of the UK depends on still unresolved questions in those talks about how financial services will operate, he said. "We may reach a tipping point many years out when it may make sense to move all functions that service Europe out of the United Kingdom and into continental Eu
  6. I understand that after AZ blaming yield problems in Belgium for cutting EU 1st quarter supply to 30% and at the same time saying that because UK signed "much earlier" the yield problems had been solved in UK plants ... turns out to be total bollocks and another lie from AZ. 1st quarter deliveries to UK are also approx 30% of what was promised ... due to yield problems in UK plants. You could not make this up.
  7. I do not know of anyone in the UK marine leisure industry who wanted to have different standards from the RCD. We bloody wrote the thing!
  8. I have the feeling that this story is going to have some twists and turns. Let us take a recent Beneteau, sold to UK new, then sold as used boat back into Europe. The RCD could interpret this situation 2 ways. Either accept original CE conformity, or insist that there is a risk of non-conformity, so new certification needed. Then, each country will interpret how they answer this question. In France my guess is that it will depend if the person at the Affaires Maritimes had a good dinner, good sex, and slept well ... or not. That is how they deal with everything else, so why change? A diff
  9. Europe has woken up to the UK gamble ... Jean-Yves le Drian, French foreign minister has pointed to the UK policy of going flat out on 1st doses, with no reserve for 2nd doses, and now shitting itself. Again repeats the facts of EU exports 77 million, including 21 million to UK, and no evidence of any vaccine export from UK. Turning up the heat.
  10. Leo, the figures from your quote above do not match what other sources state. The 1st figures below are in line with what we keep hearing, so not sure what the 24.6 million refers to? No one in UK is telling the truth? 2nd dose administered 2 775 481 (4,5%) 1st dose administered 28 991 188 (46,5%) from your quote above Pfizer/BioNTech - 44.3% (10.9m) Oxford/AstraZeneca - 55.7% (13.7m) Please note these are estimates up to 14/3.
  11. The 21 million doses EU-UK were 1 million AZ and the balance Pfizer/BioNTech. So UK has produced 9 million AZ doses for domestic use, when we remember that they said 30 million by September 2020. Huge UK success. And it seems the UK has not kept in reserve any significant quantity for 2nd doses, so they will be relaxed about AZ who can deliver from UK production, but in deep shit if Pfizer/BioNTech supply is affected.
  12. Jack, below in French is the report I quoted from. It says 77 million doses so far exported from EU. It also says 31 million doses so far injected in UK, of which 21 million came from EU. I would like to know what numbers of AZ and Pfizer/BioNTech are in the 21 million and the 30 million. It looks like the much vaunted UK production, which in theory at least started well back into 2020, has only produced 9 million doses? Vaccins anti-Covid: l'UE a fourni au Royaume-Uni 21 millions de doses L'UE a exporté depuis début décembre au Royaume-Uni environ 21 millions de doses de v
  13. VdL has said that the EU has, so far, exported 21 million doses to UK, which is approx two thirds of what they have injected.
  14. I believe that the EU or AZ said that the +/- 17 million doses so far delivered to EU came from USA? Well before US approval, so might be possible?
  15. That plant has disappeared from all recent information .... Yes, you remember, the plant that AZ blamed for having to cut EU deliveries. All the UK press say that up to present, only UK and not EU has produced AZ doses, until Halix came into the picture. They show a Belgian plant producing Pfizer/BioNTech including for UK.
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