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  1. Editorial this morning is BOLLOCKS. France is 100% open to vaccinated UK arrivals, and can even recognise the NHS QR code! It is the UK that screws things up. The amber+ category is how the UK sees France, due to fiction about high Beta variant cases (which is true of part of France - Reunion and another Indian ocean territory!!!). UK imposes quarantine on all arrivals from France, with an exemption for professional mariners, and this quarantine applies to French, British of whatever arrivals from France into UK. Facts are useful. Cherbourg has not taken individual bookings for boats
  2. Whyne is just pissed Jack isn't here ...
  3. Nothing wrong with Highland Spring .... other than it not really being from the Highlands.
  4. England beating Germany is a direct result of Brexit. Just ask Whyne. Want to throw up.
  5. And 3 months extension for fishing in Jersey waters, but still no real progress on the nitty gritty of a deal.
  6. Thanks, I had heard the same news, but had not gone looking for confirmation. Does not concern me, but I know a few idiots who have yet to apply.
  7. Are you sure? can you point us to the information? UK embassy in Paris still saying deadline tomorrow. Préfectures have been told to take a constructive attitude to applications filed after the deadline.
  8. Careful... you'll get us started on climate change with careless talk like that.
  9. Always loved the Bahamas declaration form. "Have you noticed any unusual incidence of morality amongst the rats on board?"
  10. Ça dépend .... are you nice? Can you speak French? Did the official have good sex last night? Vive la France!
  11. Whilst some might think it trivial, the business of school trips from France to UK is actually a big earner. So, of course, it is now coming to a crashing halt. Most French kids have ID cards, not passports. No longer acceptable. Most schools did a single list for entry, which included other EU nationalities as well as French. No longer acceptable. They speak English in Ireland. The ferry takes a bit longer but the teachers can visit the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Was already leaking that way because of the common currency. Now becoming a major business.
  12. Iceland and Faroe Islands set out mackerel quotas - FiskerForum Scottish fishermen urge halt to sourcing of Norwegian and Faroese mackerel | The Skipper And there they were so busy telling us everything was the fault of the EU. Lying, greedy bastards.
  13. Whyne clearly has a masochistic streak. Aussie trade deal benefits Aus 10 time more than UK. Well done Liz.
  14. The Aussie trade deal amounts to sacrificing UK farmers at the altar of Tory dogma.
  15. Dexy's Under the Bus - Craig & Rachel Smillie - YouTube Glasgow rejects Priti Patel and Westminster deportation policy. Enjoy.
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