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  1. https://www.facebook.com/catamaran.2fast4you/ (or did I post this already???)
  2. ...do they have rudder bearings these days? The one I talked the owner of in the 90s had the ruddershaft turning in a gelcoated tube...
  3. "...the level of toxicity here is stunning. ..." nothing compared to the level of idiocy of the OP...
  4. RAAM: https://www.christophstrasser.at/sitzfleisch_podcast/podcasts_und_interviews_christoph_als_gast/ - in English https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_Across_America 4862km - ascent 42000m accumulated - ~8 days, combined sleep time: 8h 18min (first sleep-break after 35h)
  5. true, true! ...some of us run out sooner than others though...
  6. "running out of talent" it's called in mountainbiking
  7. just in case anybody missed this fairy story come true: https://www.eurosport.co.uk/cycling/tokyo-2020/2021/tokyo-2020-olympics-one-of-the-greatest-performances-of-all-time-anna-kiesenhofer-wins-road-race-gold_vid1509476/video.shtml "fairy story" of course not because of her nationality, but because of the extremely exceptional circumstances of her win: she was last with the bookies, is a self-managed & -trained amateur paying herself for bike, etc, was up against a dutch team of 4 highly favoured champions, led from km 0, won with 75" lead, has a PhD in mathematics, specializing in p
  8. imho nothing comes even close to Race Across America, nothing! (less than 1h of sleep in any 24h of the whole race!)
  9. ...just Austrian (& much the same "race" as the Krauts. & BTW: afaik the anglophones invented the term...)
  10. anecdotal detail: "Edel" means "noble" in Kraut...
  11. take a carton, cut a winch-sized circular hole in the bottom & have it around the winch while dismantling
  12. ...since the appearance of the "low friction" rings I am wondering, if stainless thimbles would not be "lower friction" & at a fraction of the price (not to speak of the throat-angle of the retaining line...)
  13. while I couldn't agree more with all the negative comments ("legitimate targets", "asshole boaters",...) there is this little voice in the back of my mind (I didn't know I had it!) that keeps saying: "...isn't always the OTHER guy's activity the ecological obscenity/asshole-activity/...?" not much would be left if all activity that is idiotic in my view would be banned...(& the whole industry behind our boating activities isn't only producing noiselessly driven snow & sweet smells...
  14. it's dangerous, alright! It's so fucking dangerous that we stopped after 3 & 1/3 circumnavigations!
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