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  1. Agree with both points, and I will add three more: - VX Evo is quite quick to rig for a two-sail boat. Stepping the carbon mast is a very easy for one person. - Main is hoisted on a halyard, not sleeved. - A-sail gybes are slick without a forestay; hoists and douses are flawless.
  2. Usually 2-3 hours in my VX Evo.
  3. I second the Viper 640 suggestion. Comfortable singlehanded to 15 TWS or so. To handle 15+, fit a furling jib with a continuous furling line within easy reach of the helm.
  4. “Tasar can plane up wind. Often. (assuming you classify that via WS standard)” Could you please elaborate on WS standard definition of upwind planing?
  5. Looks more like 10 knots than 20, based on absence/rarity of whitecaps.
  6. Sailing our 1930s Winabout (Town Class clone) on Lake Winnipesaukee circa 1976
  7. Excellent, Rod. Makes sense.
  8. Helpful info on rig time, Rod. If you can leave the spinnaker in the snuffer with halyard and retrieving lines attached, that means you can take down the mast without disconnecting them? There is enough slack in the lines to do that?
  9. I’m interested in the rig time, too. Maybe 20 minutes? The 45 minute video includes a lot of good description by Rod.
  10. Any estimates how many M14s have been sold to date?
  11. https://tucson.craigslist.org/boa/d/one-design-14/6691715625.html
  12. Huh? Still taking in code. “Prepping the launch” of what?
  13. Does the VX Evo trailer design allow launching and retrieving with the ballasted board in the slot?
  14. superg

    VX Evo

    Likewise curious about the ballasted board. However, I don’t see it as a game changer. Sounds like the boat will be stable enough without ballast for me (200 lb) based on Rod’s experience at 150. I assume that the hull would have to come off the trailer and rolled to insert the minikeel from below. That will add some setup time, and quick setup is a major part of the Evo appeal. I assume once it is inserted the boat can be launched from the trailer/trolley with the minikeel? I suspect whenever I sail with the minikeel I will wonder if the day would have been more fun with
  15. I attached Weathermeter to the headboard of our Viper 640. I could read the windspeed in iPhone via Bluetooth. Worked pretty well but WM only records average speeds over measured interval. It does not true record second by second data (or iPhone app has no way to see raw data if it is recorded) so I could not use WM to build a polar diagram. Also the Bluetooth connection was intermittent and once it failed, the unit sent no data until the main was dropped and Ghe unit was reset.
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