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  1. Made the Network news this morning, so must be true!
  2. Thanks for coming, was a great weekend of sailing. I know Sunday was a little challenging but it worked out. was on circle 3 with you on a 105. As a local was happy how it all worked out!!
  3. You guys do anything to the sprit or is it still stock?
  4. Where do you get 500# out of the boat?
  5. Fort Moultre is a much better park. Have things all the way up to WW2 and in much better shape. Just don't get the boat ride.
  6. Awesome, thanks for coming out. The parties aren't gonna be much but the racing should be great.
  7. She looks a lot better now than when she fell off her stands in Mt. Sinai, NY back in the 90's. Amazed someone took the time to fix her.
  8. She was sailing under the SRU Class (Shipping Register of Ukraine). Didn't know they had their own Class and before that under the Russian Class. Not jumping to conclusions but bet they don't have they same standards as the normal Classes (DNV-GL, LR, ABS etc.). Most of her major certificates expired in a few months. probably wouldn't have made it through the next 5yr re-certifications. Bulk ships get increased scrutiny after they hit the 20yr mark. Sad for the crew
  9. And remember the ships are working, have schedules to make, etc. We are out their recreating. Might want to take that into consideration when your trying to force a fully loaded bulker to make a 30 degree course change, when you could have avoided the situation to begin with. Seems a kinda wanker move on Boris' part
  10. Thinking about just doing the lower. Last time we had the boat out of the water, almost 2 seasons ago, there was definitely some play in the rudder. You couldn't feel it sailing but now I we're starting to get some vibration at speed and if there is anything at all on the rudder.
  11. Surprised she's still alive after her tumble back on Long Island years ago. Looks super silly with a wheel!
  12. Looking at replacing the rudder bearings on our boat. It's a 1999 original tiller boat. A couple of questions. What are people using (I have been looking at the Jefa's)? Do I need to both the top and the bottom or can we get away with just the bottom bearing? There is definitely some play in the bottom bearing that you could se last time the boat was out of the water Thanks Ruckus USA 239
  13. Pretty sure that the logo on the sail matches the boat (Catalina 22). Must have been cut down for some reason. Maybe it usually blows 40 in Olympia!
  14. What type of boat and how tall is your rig? City Marina has the Deepest water and most chance of getting a slip. Also check out Patriots point Marina on the other side of the harbor. The Harboridge is another place to check out but limited by mast height (I think about 53-55ft but not positive). We race all year round down here ( take the month of December off) and most people keep their boats in year round. We race in August, Wednesday nights, usually some of the best racing around. You can pretty much count on a seabreeze every afternoon during the summer if there aren't any pop-up th
  15. https://gcaptain.com/sailboat-operator-cited-for-rule-9-violation-after-crossing-in-front-of-tanker-near-stockton/ Gotta get you head out of the boat every once in a while!
  16. Trovao Got it. Thought it was interesting that they had non-skid on the bottom. I guess it makes it easier to stand when your floating upside down! A couple of other shots of her being lifted to the water.
  17. Close. Just arrived USEC from China
  18. This may be too easy but thought it was cool.
  19. Correct about the storage thing. Also San Francisco Bay gets plenty of tanker traffic. Chevron has one of their biggest Refineries there. Check out Richmond Long Wharf
  20. Just keep watching one of the best comedy series out there. Was a little upset at the finale!
  21. The crane vessel just pulled into Charleston. This is how they usually ship the Big Super Post Panamax Cranes.
  22. They lift them up slightly and turn the trucks/ wheel assemblies then they ballast wait for the right tide and roll them on rails on to the pier. Once in position over the rails on the pier they rotate the wheels back and lower down onto the dock. Pretty neat evolution. Have watched them unload a couple here in Charleston off that same vessel. The ship is a piece of crap old converted tanker. It lost power in Felixstowe a couple of years back and ran into the pier made a pretty big mess
  23. Gulf of Alaska, nasty piece of water! But got a 3rd mates job thanks to the Valdez and OPA 90
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