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  1. I don't think you watched the video. They didn't say it, he didn't say it - she did, and he immediately recoiled with humor at the potential backlash. It was funny... (And I don't disagree with her. Multihulls weren't anywhere close to as good as they are now before carbon fiber.)
  2. Please don't jump to conclusions or lose faith. I have found your openness, and straightforward posts invaluable. If I had the money I would buy a boat from you in a heartbeat. I think you get way more positive PR than negative in these discussions. Learning more about the differences between the 40 and the 50 will be my chief boat obsession in the coming years. And if I can scrape the money together, my number one purchase. I also think there is a little too much discussion about cruising. These boats would be my dream daysailers / weekend trip boats.
  3. I'm a broken record on this, but what I want is innovation that brings down cost and weight on rolling boom furlers. Being easily able to tune a high-performance main for wind conditions and my mood is basically the first component of my dream boat. I've seen a southern spars custom mast and boom furling solution on a swan 50 that was just beautiful.
  4. Wicked! Google sent me to the wrong forum, clearly, but I'm glad to have accidentally stumbled across this speed boat post! So an ejection seat goes in the cockpit back there, and the big jet engine is in the center hull, and the outriggers stabilize the speedboat when it's doing that crazy rocking thing around 200 mph, right? Too dangerous for my blood, but fun to watch on TV! Computers today, so good! I can see how those vents in between the three hulls let the air through and keep the boat from flipping. Impressive! Looks fast! Unlimited Hydroplane
  5. Sheesh, I thought this guy was experienced. But he's never heard of icebergs, radioactive iguanas, or packs of pissed off orcas! The hubris of men! This does however nicely solve the awkward name of the little boats sticking out on the side. 'Amas' is a clumsy term. 'Iceberg fender' has a much better ring to it! ( I am kidding / trying to be funny, to be clear)
  6. But I'm the one pissing in the pool.
  7. Yeah, but are they worth a damm, which is what I asked, or are you just attacking me again? Oh wait, I keep forgetting I'm the one who's pissing in the pool.
  8. Oh yeah, and what is the state of fueling a boat these days? I always imagined a system where one could strain the diesel coming from the pump BEFORE it got into one's tanks. That would be a great help, but not practical as any effective strainers would slow down the fueling too much. Any new products that can do anything similar? Polishing the fuel while pumping? I'm guessing no...
  9. Let's review: -Gunboat actively solicits feedback, likes suggestions and reads the ideas and comments in this topic on this forum. -Gunboat offers rotating masts and will include a boom furler on owner's request (probably sooner than later). And I was criticized and personally attacked for raising the topic, more than once. -Gunboat offers a 400+ lb remote controlled, programmable, self-powered and customized propeller in a dedicated hull compartment in the front of the left hull on GB68. And I was criticized and personally attacked for speculating about future designs doing muc
  10. You don't seem to be grasping it. When you intelligently refute any single point of the dozens I've recently made, you get to give advice. When all you can do is toss out invalid ad hominem attacks like a dim 3rd grader, you're the one who looks like an idiot who should go away. So do that. Go away. Or shut your pie hole.
  11. You sure about your terms there, sparky? I don't think you are. What I do think is that you should maybe pick someone else to fuck with.
  12. Nicely said. All I wrote was offhand speculation about what FUTURE designers would come up with.
  13. Read it again, slowly. It'll hopefully come to you. And anyone who knows the first thing about props understands they are compromised, inverse-relationship nightmares. What's the rpm range of your engine? How important is low drag? Do you want the complexity of having them fold, or pitch sideways when not under power? And regen is way, way different in optimal design than forward, low rpm torque. This is why Gunboats still rely on diesel and gensets. Imagining a solution isn't delusional. It'll get here sooner or later.
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