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  1. By the time the Army got me, I was already and expert on riding a floor polisher, worked in a grocery store in High School.
  2. Thanks Foreverslow, I share this washer with one of my sons, he loans it out to his f-in-law, his sons etc. I got it back from him, no gas, oil very low, hard to start. Put new spark plug in, oil change, etc. runs great again. leaking from pump, so a new pump it will be. I keep a bunch of washers on hand and silicone grease. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thank you for tip, will be getting in contact with him. There are others involved in this so need to run it by them also. Thank You!
  4. I have a 2300 psi Generac with a Honda motor. The pump leaks at one of the seams. It has had a lot of use over the years but still runs excellent. How hard is it to change the pump? Or should I just buy a new one, as they fairly cheap?
  5. I have done some of the films, projecting on a screen and filming with a my cell phone. I have too much to do using this method, just want to get it done. As far as vhs tapes, I have a digital converter that takes the signal from the vhs player and converts to digital on your computer, similar to this Amazon.com: VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite (2020): Software.
  6. I have a bunch of old family films that I would like to transfer to digital. When we moved to Hawaii back in 1947 my Dad bought a 8 mm movie camera and subjected us kids to his new hobby. Many years later 1965 when I married I bought a super 8 camera and subjected my family to my feeble film making attempts. I would like to get these films transferred to digital to make them easier to view and give copies to my sons. I know there are places that do this (even Costco) but I am hesitant to just send them off somewhere. Looking for others that have done this and who would you recommend. I know t
  7. My son works for Tesla, took delivery of a model 3 a year ago. As an employee he got some freebies, one of which was the self driving feature, along with that the car is giving feedback to big mama about what it is doing and Matt also reports to Tesla screw ups the car makes. We live south of Seattle about 20 miles. He has driven it in self-driving mode many times, he drove to about 120 miles to eastern WA using self-driving and said it was flawless, freeway driving and backroads. He had the same report coming back. Couple of weeks ago I rode along on a drive to north of Seattle about 55 miles
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