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  1. I thought if I just tossed in the back of my pickup for a few days/weeks it would help to clean it out, no did not help. The inside finish is not smooth, its even rougher than the outside. I called Yanmar and asked if could use a higher temp thermostat in the cooling system after I installed the FWC on the 2QM15. They said ABSOLUTLY NO! Because the engine was designed to run at 135 degrees, any higher would mess with the clearances etc. One thing I found that can help is to remove the nipple on the elbow where the cooling water dumps in and run a stiff wire into the elbow to help clean it out
  2. I could not even begin to tell you how many mixing elbows I have changed on my 2QM15 Yanmar from 1978. At least it is somewhat accessible. Not sure I am up for another one, but if I am it will be the stainless one, wish I had know about it before.
  3. http://youtu.be/x9uYu4R
  4. Must of had my head in the wrong place, I had 16 years working on the F22, never realized there was hook on it! Mainly worked on the wings and ground supt equipment for Boeing in Seattle. Checking online, yep has a hook!
  5. Hobot, Get well soon! wishing you the very best! Prayers said!
  6. Here is my Chevy SS 2017 (Holden Commodore) and 1996 Impala SS.
  7. In 1965 was stationed at Fort Gordon, near Augusta, GA. Won big time in a poker game in the barracks. 6 tickets to a James Brown performance at the local High School. The show was all you could hope for and more! Been to a few concerts but that was tops. Guess he used to live there at one time and used to come back yearly for the local kids.
  8. The above beach is Anini Beach on the Island of Kauai.
  9. My new 67 Chevelle came with Firestone Wide Oval Supersport F70-14 tires, redline. They looked good but did not get much mileage out of them. 8-9 K miles.
  10. The biggest tragedy in this whole bit, assuming no lives were lost, was the cell phone camera operator. The horizontal is much preferred. At least we could have seen both points of interest. Drives me nuts. My sister does this also.
  11. Might try a grill block. They work best on the hull but never tried on in your situation. they wear down real quick and it might conform to your radius. https://www.amazon.com/Avant-Grub-Sanitizes-Restaurant-Griddles/dp/B071XK6XBB/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3TXB41WTSILDO&dchild=1&keywords=grill+block+cleaner&qid=1609651308&sprefix=grill+block%2Caps%2C245&sr=8-9
  12. Several years ago I had 4 propane tanks to get rid of, out of date and some rust on them. Took them to an inspection station but with the rust they would not pass. Took them home and removed the valves, and filled them with water to make sure there was no chance of any propane left in them and took them to the dump. The folks at the dump were a little nervous but showed them they were filled with water, so it was no problem for them. You cant recycle them.
  13. I fell on my back last Thanksgiving, hurt like hell I could hardly get up and get in the house. My wife took me to urgent care, x-rayed said no broken ribs and just wrapped me with an ace bandage, just said to take some Ibuprofen. 2 days later pain was much worse!!! Wife took me to ER, their x rays showed 4 broken ribs on my back. Seemed like it was a couple of weeks before things started feeling a little better. Could not think about getting in bed, going for a drive and checking on the boat. Had to sleep sitting up and very careful about moving. Was a whole month before I could lay down in b
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