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  1. Can you expand on this a little bit. Is just stitched on? How thin?
  2. Gougeon are so helpful when you call them on the phone. It's kind of rare in our world. Consider that spar varnish is very soft and flexible to allow it to move with expanding and contracting wood. Polyurethane like say minwax fast drying for floors is considerable harder and therefore better abrasion resistance. If you seal all sides with 3 coats of 105/207 you have isolated the wood from movement so use a poly. I was coating the underside of some new hatches yesterday and tried something new for me. For the 1st coat of epoxy I used a squeegee instead of a roller and got a much mor
  3. Traffic has many great properties in terms of surface durability. I had a hard time getting to bond straight to epoxy surfaces. So you either have to use a bonding coat of Bona dri-fast poly under it or shellac. My problems my have come from not letting the epoxy 105/207 cure for long enough before over coating. But nothing in this world will pan/level out on a flat surface as well as traffic. It feels like cheating
  4. The correct bag in your vac will also prevent your filter from clogging and makes moving your vac to different locations a little easier. I haven't had to clean my filters in the last 60 days. I have a 2 dust deputy that a dealer gave me, I will give anyone in the US that pays the shipping. PM me.
  5. Having set up dust systems for large commercial shops, my own smaller shops, and portable job site systems, the bad news is there is not one system that will work for every tool. The larger cyclone machines are great for transporting and separating chips from fines, but don't think you can tee a 1 1/2 inch vacuum line off a 4" or 7" ducting and expect results. Best for wood planers, large stationary drum or belt sander, downdraft tables. 5" random orbit sanders are great with any HEPA filter shop vac. Small cyclones for this application are not worth it. Get a vac for each sander.
  6. It looks like i started a thread some time ago.
  7. you'll need 2 of these or smaller and their fiddle block partners. You can set it up to be self balancing by having 1 continuous sheet and 1 double block on the boom. Ask this question on multihull anarchy and you'll encounter people who have done this on Corsairs tri's and L7 tri's. Hardest part is about it is having to listen to the people who will tell you it won't work.
  8. Could you answer a few question for me. How have you found the odor at start up and how often do you have to clean it? Diesel seem by far the best fuel source. But how is it for intermittent use for 3 season sailors. I foresee us wanting a blast of heat in the mornings or on a rainy day to dry out cloths etc when on our multi week adventures. I know the propane dickerson is far easier to light but ..propane. The solid fuel option seems to fit the bill for intermittent use. The diesel would seem to me to excel for long running. How are my assumptions? My wife is very sensitive to
  9. Launched or anti-launched (dis-launched?) seems like such an arbitrary distinction.
  10. J 95's look like a lot of fun. Fitting a bobstay is not hard. I have done it twice on Corsair Tri by adding a u bolt just above the waterline with a white oak back block epoxied. The lower down you get it to the waterline the better. A piece of 1/4 spectra with a lashing on one one end. I will be adding one soon to my J32. The Anchor well drain holes might be able to be reinforced on the inside with less cosmetic consequence, and a loop pushed though and a dog bone. It's only a day project with the right planning. Code zeros are fun to fly. They certainly can keep you entertained
  11. Why would you need to sail one to have a opinion, when you can just "do your own research" online.
  12. The old keel was 12' deep. Not going to work on a cruiser as mentioned in video. So there will be many ballast changes. Pretty cool.
  13. I think the dark dark blues look best when there is some bright work on deck to complement the rich tones. The dark blue with red boot stripe and Bahamas blue bottom paint looks spectacular on a classic wood boat , and cheesy on my new to me J32. Leopard skin looks great on a leopard and cheesy on sweatpants.
  14. Is that Jeff Bezos? Looks like Blue Origin final manged to launch something.
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