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  1. So you would just live with the cracking as it's not in the layup? Our last 2 boats were Corsair trimarans and they had gel coat crazing on most loaded parts. They don't have a reputation for wet balsas core like J boats though. Thank you for your reply. I haven't sailed a monohull bigger than a dingy in 20 years. I have a lot to learn.
  2. Hello. New to J boat forum. I have an accepted offer on this J32 in Tacoma WA. https://www.nwyachtnet.com/boats-for-sale/1998-j-boats-32-tacoma-washington-7985900/ The surveyor is concerned about the number and length of the gel coat cracks on the deck radiating out from the mast. While gel coat cracks are of course to be expected, he was mystified by the length of them and that they also showed up in areas of low stress. Deck moisture content is low. a touch higher around chain plates but not enough in surveyors opinion to cause immediate concern. Is this typical of
  3. I would love a C36-7 but I think It is out of our budget.
  4. Help. Our f27 just sold. We had it for 15 years. Loved it. We're just getting to old for the lack of cruising comfort. My wife wants a F31. Other than the increase in head room is it really a more comfortable as a cruiser? Clearly a more sailing performance but lets set that aside for a moment. NW summertime live aboard for 30 days is the goal. I'm ready for a 35' monomaran like a J 32 or some such for interior volume. I want shelter in the cockpit and good motoring at 5 knots to head further up the inside passage. She gets seasick and has only ever sailed on the 2 tri
  5. No block needed at the front, your sail will sheet further bac than that The block in the upper left corner is the spin turning block at rear beam float connection. You will use this location if you are running deep or broad reaching with you screecher. If you going to use it going up wind you'll probably going to want to strap a block to the center of your rear beam and sheet to spinnaker winch again. Some screechers are cut to go to your genny leads on your cabin top. It's a fun sail to play with different sheeting angles. If you splice a block to a 30" bit of spectra with a 4" loo
  6. Does a vee main sheet system solve some of the mast slop in light winds and waves? I have returned to using a boomvang to control boom slop in light winds, not bad. I found myself using the vang tackle to create a vee mainsheet with the traveler all the way up and the vang connected to the opposite end of the traveler creating the vee. A cannon to control motor boats that cross your bow at 20kts while there children wave at you would be frowned upon I suppose, but could solve several wake problems with one solution but... oh my the weight it would add to the bow.
  7. Nice solution. Because we roll sail on the boom all the action has to take place in the 10" that stick out the end. Additionally, I've only got one sheave to work with. I'm just going to return to the strop for reefing at the clew and the outhaul as it was designed. Maybe a Velcro strop. It's worked for heavily loaded screecher blocks wrapped around the center of the rear beam. Lots of folks who roll reef don't use anything at all to the reef cringle but i like to add a little something because all the reinforcement doesn't always end up positioned on the boom where you want it and
  8. Here's my improved shroud tension solution . For you old school mf's with fix masts. PT 11 fits perfectly on the nets. 1139760823_Video2021.mov
  9. Going to have to disagree with you on your trimming advice. When your 7 year old is in the zone, you touch fucking nothing. Also the outhaul was jammed inside the boom. I set it up weird this year with a reef hook on it that I double back for full main and extend up for 1st reef. Didn't really work out.
  10. I think NZ'ders care more about winning at something than they care about winning at sailing. Competitive country you got there.
  11. Could Wellington hold an event from a waterfront space perspective? Asking for a friend.
  12. So some European dude appropriates a very common south pacific name and that gives him exclusive rights to it. No mate.
  13. There's a hole in the rules where you can add mass outside of the box according to Mozzy
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