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  1. As a Georgia fan I would like to wish the best of luck and good riddance to Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle.
  2. Love the Falcons pick, Kyle Pitts might be best player in draft. Only knock on the kid is he played at Florida, experts think with good coaching and hard work this should not hurt him too bad.
  3. It was Rush. He came before Newt. Enough piss cannot soak into his grave.
  4. Just had this conversation. In my industry prices are up 30% in 2 years. Legit inflation is on the way. 5-7% easily right now
  5. I am out of the PA loop. Is ranto the old Randumb?
  6. For lyrics, Joe Strummer. He would write the words then Mick Jones would figure out the tune. “Now every cheap hood strikes a bargain with the world And ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl "Love and hate" tattooed across the knuckles of his hands Hands that slap his kids around 'cause they don't understand how....
  7. 2slow


    here is a link to the newest article by my friend at Paste. He is writing a once monthly article to keep people up to date on the latest psycotreason from the Anons (what they call themselves) https://www.pastemagazine.com/politics/qanon/qanon-conspiracy-theories-vaccines-covid-latest-march-20/?fbclid=IwAR2p7TwdJmx30rlfqfTLvQW_qLffuxbBqrGxFetXV6yEj6aEYXMr69sIVkQ#the-painful-cognitive-dissonance-of-q-believers
  8. 2slow


    Drank a beer with an old friend who is completely Q brain washed. Here are some of the nuggets he shared: -Hillary has already been tried, found guilty and executed. -the military is in charge right now - our technology is 300 years more advanced than we know. Lots of aliens are here already -JFK Jr is the mastermind behind taking down all the child traffickers. He just saved 150 kids in Tennessee last Wednesday! there was much more.... I am still worried he will off himself when reality can no longer be denied. So damn sad.
  9. Back in the days of vinyl often artists would put something a little different at the end of side two or four. What are your favorites? Train in Vain by the Clash. At the end of the best album of the decade, London Calling by the Clash, they stuck in a pop song and did not even mention it in the liner notes.
  10. Kate is GOAT but like y’all said so many. Don’t forget the Atlanta native and sadly deceased, Jan Hooks.
  11. Wrong. It was only one strip club (cafe risqué) on 75 South that had billboards and they were not every 30 feet, there was at least 100 yards between the signs. Furthermore, this was just over the boarder from Florida and was the Georgia expansion of a Florida business. Lastly, the female talent had none and they have been closed for a few years.
  12. 2slow


    From my friend who wrote the first article in this thread; The fact that it's now come out that Donald Trump received the COVID-19 vaccine in January is wreaking havoc in QAnon circles at the moment. They are really struggling with the cognitive dissonance of believing that the vaccine is poison, but knowing that Trump received it and has now encouraged his MAGA supporters to receive it. They have to accept that either: 1. The vaccine isn't poison, or 2. Donald Trump wants to poison his followers. They're not a fan of either of these options.
  13. Scratch that #1 player off the team. Arik Gilbert finally met Dan Mullin and decided playing for that clown was a bridge too far.
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