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  1. Kirby is trying to bury Dan Mullen. Last week Florida’s highest ranked recruit de-committed. This week the Gator’s newest highest ranked recruit de-committed after returning from a Georgia visit. Both are now likely going to Georgia. That is cold blooded war-daddy shit to do on the off week and then game week before Georgia-Florida.
  2. I just put my kids entire college fund, my 401k and cashed out some equity in my house on Georgia -14. The second biggest question is will AR-15 get his spirit broken permanently? the biggest question is can Georgia shut out Florida and end their not been shutout streak ?
  3. Agree with most of your assessment except Cincinnati is for real, absolutely a top 4 team in a year like this. They pass the eye test and dismantle the teams they should. Ohio State and Bama are the only teams I am scared of as a Georgia fan and OSU more so than Alabama.
  4. Just when the Vols were climbing out of the sewer their own fans pull them back in. Hope there is a punishment Georgia is the next home game. Maybe limit the fans….only visiting fans allowed..
  5. Mullen has to hire assistants who can recruit Florida. He needs to sign half (or close to half)of the top 20 instate kids if wants to win anything. If he could do that Florida would be a national title threat
  6. I really think you are reading the BG thing wrong. Most people’s dislike of Florida comes naturally. I have zero issues with hwsnbn. He is just entertaining to troll because he plays along, all in fun.
  7. Dan Mullen on the hot seat, don’t think many Florida fans have faith in him winning anything Kentucky is definitely the best team Georgia played this year. I bet they win out. Stoops is a great coach, he had that team ready with some killer plays.
  8. The Stetson Bennett IV story is fantastic. That kid is absolutely not an aw shucks I’m just happy to be here underdog. He is a killer. Reportedly the best ping pong and video game player on the team as well as an “annoyingly good” golfer. The things guys on team sports famously compete hard at. Of course I still want JT Daniels back though
  9. Gary Danielson. Gary needs to stop smoking elephant dick.
  10. A one loss Bama always gets the benefit of doubt and gets in the playoffs. Thanks to aTm, when Georgia beats them in the SEC Championship game they will be done. At Tennessee is the most dangerous game remaining for UGA, hard to believe Vols finally found someone to replace Phil Fulmar.
  11. Undefeated Georgia vs. Undefeated Kentucky week 7. hey, College Game Day..ready for a third Dawgs game? 1. Georgia 2. Iowa 3. Cincinnati strange days indeed
  12. My thoughts exactly. Go read Neil Stephenson’s Anathem and talk to me about crutches.
  13. And 1-5 vs FBS teams Under contact until 2027
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