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  1. lol. They're stainless. What you are seeing is a layer of smoke on them. When I hit them with a wet grill rescue cleaner they shine bright stainless again.
  2. Luiz had an incredible warmth. He lit up every room he walked into. I'll miss his hugs.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. The cockpit is fairly big and can easily accommodate multiple adults, but it is typically just me in the boat. The idea to run separate fore and aft straps is a good one. I'll do some more digging and look at various mounting points for other platforms. In regards to where I'd hike from, the gunnels are where I normally sail from unless it is super light air. The feet of an average size adult land in the void between the seats and centerboard trunk when sailing from here which is the area I plan to suspend the straps in. I live on a small lake and this will p
  4. I have a Precision 185, which is basically an overgrown unbalasted dinghy. I'm going to add hiking straps as it's a handful to keep it on its feet over 12 kts. An tips or info I should be looking at when laying out the placement? There isn't much info out there on these and I don't have much background with small boats. I'm currently planning to run them along either side of the centerboard trunk with the aft termination below the aft deck plate on the rear bulkhead and the forward terminations on either side of the storage hatch. I could also run the forward termination to the leading edge of
  5. I've never used one. Brother in law received one for Christmas years ago and they seem to like it for adding flavor to dishes. I can put three entire casseroles in the cold smoke box on my Recteq, so I'm probably not the target market.
  6. The Bullseye is a great unit. I wouldn't consider the king of culinary torches a gadget, but then again I've been using versions of them with sous vide cooking for many years. It's also instant and has no warm up time to hit searing temp.
  7. If you don't have one of these, you need one. It's the bee's knees for searing meat.
  8. But then you'd miss out on the ice fishing.
  9. It's a small private lake just south of Owosso, MI. Just big enough that you can ski and wakeboard, but no public access so it stays fairly quiet. I grew up about a half mile away. We moved back here in 2019 after living in the Metro Detroit area for a couple decades.
  10. It's well priced for what you get. I've done 27 lbs of drumsticks at one time on it. It's built like a tank. Super easy to entertain large crowds. I paid $800 for our Weber over a decade ago and it wasn't built anywhere near as well as this.
  11. We've been quite happy with our Recteq 700. I sold the Weber and we just use this now. Best cooking device I've ever purchased next to sous vide.
  12. This will end up like the other executive order that the Michigan Supreme Court threw out in a 7-0 ruling. Most sheriff depts have stated they will not enforce it. You can exercise prudent health precautions voluntarily and recognize executive over-reach at the same time. It requires pulling your head out of your ass, but it is possible.
  13. Well said. I was somewhat surprised to learn the lights were still on here. Nothing here worth wasting time on.
  14. Hey, I know this may be a little out the box but I'm looking at buying your Db1. Are you the current owner? I found you while researching the boat. I know I'm supposed to go through the broker but if you feel like connecting let me know when you're free to talk. We can sort out an agreement. 647 535 9455. Looking to see if we can put a deal together by next week. 

    Cheers, Will 

    1. Shife


      I was involved with the boat, but I am not the owner. Sorry for the late reply, but I don't frequent SA much anymore.

  15. That thing is about 10 miles from me. go get it!! its gotta be awesome! I'm tempted to buy it and ship it to Burnsy as a joke.
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