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  1. this model is without a clutch, you must manually disconnect the drive from the tiller if you want to hand steer the boat btw, I am a using EV100 connected with ST60+ wind last 3 years
  2. It happens more often? ...at the beginning of 2019, a motor boat, a Monte Carlo Yachts 70, had flown down from the deck of the ship that was transporting it from Europe to Miami for the Florida boat show, and had sunk in the middle of the Atlantic.
  3. This shape is working for my boat up to 7-8 knots "upwind". comparing the shape on the North code sails page looks like a code 55. the sail is tired, I have to order a new one. I am thinking of cableless version. what's your suggestion?
  4. what epoxy you will use? To get maximum from epoxy, do the post curing. If you don't have an owen, choose a epoxy with lower post curing temperature and make an simple insulated box with a open bottom and put few halogen reflectors under. They will generate enough heat for post curing
  5. OceanVolt is nice, for my 30 footer boat the quotation 2 years ago was about 18k€ for 30nm @3.8kts. It would be nice to get rid of all stinky and oily pieces https://oceanvolt.com/solutions/systems/servoprop-sail-drive/

    Hi, how did you solve the problem with ERROR 38 on the NX2 autopilot. (I have the same problem). Best regards Jens

    PS. The Nexus website is shot down, so no help there.

    1. serioladumerili


      Hi newb :)

      I don't have NX2 AP...

    2. Jenner123


      Ok, thanks. I asked because a couple of years ago you replied on this issue - raised by the user “bjorkski”

  7. Well, LaVagabonde couple BOUGHT Outremer 45 for a discounted price! Full price is about 750 k €
  8. well, LaVagabonde II is almost ready! Outremer 45 is a beautiful boat what about Sailing into freedom? This guy know sailing, spearfishing, flying with parachute, fixing things. No tits, just lady with nice ass. I can watch his clips without sound.
  9. I like boats that can be lifted in that way
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