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  1. Wow, that is a screaming deal on a very nice boat! Maybe the best Wilderness 30 ever.
  2. I think you just described a Wilderness 30.
  3. Would love to see her when you're done. So glad you are saving her. Look forwards to hearing more as you progress. Not sure if we need the front lowers or not honestly. We are currently working with our slip neighbor (well known SC rigger for decades who also has a Wilderness 30) doing some rigging work (replacing the lowers and putting on a Harken roller furler). He did not suggest we change/remove the front lowers when we met to measure stuff last week. Plans are to put new ones on at this point.
  4. Congratulations! Here is a pic of her sister, Wildflower (#3) on O Dock in Santa Cruz. We have owned her since 1996. #1 is still here in Santa Cruz also. #1 and #3 were next to each other on U Dock in Santa Cruz harbor when we bought her and the dock sign was changed to "Un Dock." Looking forwards to watching your progress. I like the longer cockpit on #2 a lot. Happy to hear you're saving her.
  5. Yes, I see that free thread now. Honestly, I might be all over your offer if I didn't already have a 30' $ hole in the water in the Santa Cruz harbor. It has been fun vicariously experiencing your journey so far. I wish you the best with school and hope to see you out there roll tacking, crash gybing, and planing the crap out of a Laser on the Monterey Bay this summer (as I once did as a lad in the 1970s). Keep sailing and keep learning something new every day.
  6. Looks like game over for our friend FishFood... For Sail on Craigslist
  7. Ultimate 20 checks the boxes for me too, but hard to find for less that $10k. I am looking for something like this for pleasure (not racing) on a lake so I am seriously considering a Holder 20. I would prefer an Ultimate 20, but for a second lake use boat the cost is a bit high. Since a SC27 has been mentioned I would be remiss not so suggest a Moore 24, but like the U20, hard to find for less than $10k. Wabbits are awesome, but almost never come up for sale used. I can't remember the last time I saw one for sale.
  8. If you do this with an 18 (excellent choice BTW) try to find one with a set of Magnum (or SX) wings, or find a set and add them. Totally transforms the boat. (More room to sleep and carry shit also.) When I had my 18 I first sailed it without wings (mostly at Huntington Lake, some off the beach at home in Santa Cruz) it really needed at least one person on the trap if there was any breeze or I would be depowering like crazy. Added some Magnum wings and the stability difference was incredible. They will make righting slightly more difficult, but you'll be much less likely to flip in the first p
  9. I have been reading this thread since it was a one-pager and I am truly impressed, both by your determination and fearlessness as well as the outpouring of generosity and good advice. When I first saw the thread I thought, this can't be real, had to be made up shit. Then as pictures started coming in and it really was real I found my ancient self starting to live vicariously as I follow what I could only dream of at your age back in the 1970s. I was hoping to see you and your boat in Santa Cruz but missed it. Sounds like you made great connections with Prolooper and MH and are breaking into th
  10. I think it is mostly the raised aluminum toe rail all the way down the hull deck joint that your legs have to sit on combined with the lack of space between cabin top and edge of the deck (more a SC27 issue than toilet seat issue). Pretty much all SC area built ULDBs of the era had some kind of fairly high toe rail that dug into your hammies while sitting on them. I have seen a few get the sawzall treatment which helps with comfort, but I suppose is less safe if you slip and have no to rail to catch your foot. I don't recall ever seeing any line clutches when these boats were built. I hav
  11. Much more weapon than junker, but I am very partial to SC area built ULDBs.
  12. LMAO! Thank you, I needed a good laugh. This entrance will be heavily shoaled and there is a railroad trestle to get underneath not far in. A little more challenging than say, Ft Bragg, unless you are on a surfboard. I think the harbor mouth is a few hundred yards to the East, but I imagine you knew that. Yes, anchoring out in Cowells is still permissible. As of a few days ago there were still a few boats there, but the past few days all are now gone. (My commute is West Cliff so I drive past there twice a day). It is very late in the season for boats to anchor there but it might not
  13. Three in Santa Cruz, two are charter boats (Chardonnay 2 and 3) plus Buona Sera.
  14. If balsa core that has gone squishy I doubt anything except proper repair (remove, replace, replace laminate) would work. Injecting decks is pretty common on Hobie 18s (foam core). I did it on my ex-Hobie 18 and the repair held up great for years. I used West epoxy in small bottles to inject into a grid of holes drilled into just the top laminate. Took way more glue than I anticipated, but once it was done that deck was solid as a rock for years.
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