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  1. In the whole wide world there are probably fewer than 50,000 trimarans that have been made longer than 20 feet. Of those 50000 only a couple hundred are ever for sale at any given time. So if you want a used trimaran, it's gonna cost more.
  2. Composite Fatigue Failure More than you wanted to know, I know.
  3. That satisfies the OP request for a self standing rig. The addition of the Ljungstrom rig (double mainsails) would make it easy to go downwind sans spinnaker. Not sure why the mizzen is needed, but it is cool looking with the wishboom. Certainly would get folks to stare as you sail along with those Newick lines. Personally (I'm an aging boomer), prefers a boat with a spinnaker since, "by golly", I spent years learning how to sail with one and don't want to admit I'm too old to play with it
  4. Most folks have gone to synthetic shrouds and use lashings to loosen/tighten. A lot of folks use colligo fittings to make the shroud tightening/loosening easier. Hi-fields are still available, though, if you have wire shrouds, just gotta do a search. F27s, though, never needed hifields because they used a tightening cascade to pull the shroud aft and tighten/loosen rig for different sailing conditions (not a rotating mast). First couple minutes of this video shows what I use on my small trimaran. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn6GznjdsX4
  5. Totoro in motion Add me to the list of folks who want one.
  6. I wouldn't bother with a safety line---just more chance of fouling your jib furler system which could ruin your day.
  7. Look at page 7 photo http://windrider.se/manual/wr17.pdf This is the original setup. Over years, folks have changed stuff around. My neighbor's Wr 17 used a carabiner until I told him to use a snap shackle instead (carabiners are not as safe).
  8. Looks pretty simple to sail to me-motorized mainsail hoist, self tacking jib, roller furled gennaker. Don't need solar for a day cruiser (note it is in a marina with shore power). True it isn't set up for world cruising, that's not its niche. I think it looks great and probably is a lot of fun in the right breeze. Love the hull form especially the float stern (of course, that's what my boat transom looks like since also a Nigel Irens although much smaller). Dunno why they want horses on their sails, though. I'd buy one if I was younger but as others have pointed out, it probably wouldn't
  9. The following map shows that 2 billion hectares would take the combined sq area as there is where annual rainfall meets the needs for bamboo (Dark green). As far as bamboo being used to combat desertification, they are importing water to achieve this, simply planting bamboo doesn't work. Gotta work with what you have and what is practical, not what you wish would be the case or you will be back in the dark ages praying for rain.
  10. 2 billion hectares is about the same size as the combined sq miles of the USA and China. Bamboo takes about 1 inch of water (fresh water mind you) per week. Not many places get an inch a week--someplaces (like where you and I live) get fewer than 13 inches a year.
  11. Aluminum shell, aluminum mast, cotton sails (that you carry lots of since they will stretch out quickly). But you could do it. Solar powered yachts, though...not something I'd want (but I understand that young people are more idealistic).
  12. Listed weights are rarely what you will actually see IRL. For example, a Corsair 600 listed weight is 450 kgs but one weighed locally for racing weighed in closer to 700 kgs IRL. Similarly, my boat is listed at 317 kgs but weighed for racing came in at 500 kgs. YMMV. Every kg is just more water to be shoved out of the way mile after mile. The foils on the Libertist might actually help above a certain speed--I am sure you will enjoy it in a decent breeze. That big cabin will be nice and I'm sure that's why it weighs so much for its length.
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