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  1. The planet Vulcan will be visited by Spock hundreds of years from now. The planet will not be blowing up until well after the Starship Enterprise spends many years touring the galaxy.
  2. Krypton blew up. Vulcan is still there and will be for a very long time
  3. According to the nut job in PA who was attacking the Gouv, I am Gouvernail's sock-puppet. Gouv may be gone for good. He had an anonymous group of stalkers attacking not just his on line imaginary character but going after his real life business. If somebody started trying to mess up my transport business I would be out of here in a New York Second. Gouv was always posting as a very well known member of the sailing community and he certainly brought on his share of flaming posts from his own penchant for spouting his opinions but, when the attacks became personal and came from peo
  4. Gouv!!! Reality check time! It is just a game for most of us. We are glad you and others host regattas and we come play with you when we feel like it but we have lives outside sailing. Boat manufacturing is a business. Association management is nothing more than a job to our employees like Faust and Campbell. You want us to share your passion and I suppose many of us understand how much better sailboat racing could be if we did. We won't We can't If I see a fleet and think it looks like I could have some fun, I might join in. I don't care if the boats are built by union workers in th
  5. The Gouv used to show up everywhere Laser races happened. He hasn't made a national or international regatta in years and rumor has it he isn't even sailing in the Austin Wednesday night races he started and fostered for so many years. He has been mostly absent since 2002 . I count myself as one of the thousands who NEVER would have enjoyed a single sailboat race without his encouragement. We rode our one speed bikes thirty miles round trip almost daily for an entire semester and even hitchhiked to Kent State while he was putting together our school's first ever sailing team. Lord knows,
  6. big fan of your work on the j24 hauling thread,


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