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  1. prettig, have you sustained low-riding sailed with your skeeta at all? i read in one of your posts you don't go out in sub-foiling conditions - but what do you do in conditions (over 20 knots?) when foiling becomes a bit too on the edge? perhaps you have tried coming down from the foils in those conditions and sailed the skeeta in "displacement" mode? this is a feature that differentiates the skeeta from the wazsp - and championed by you and the manufacturers. i have asked them how the skeeta really performs as a low-rider but they either don't know or won't tell me. perhaps you have experienc
  2. Sailgp is yachting's harlem globetrotters. a corporate response to being defeated in AC by a brutally good NZ team who used these boats for purpose and quickly ditched them after victory (for something even more extreme - but the AC is not exhibition racing, at least). IMHO the Sydney 18 footers that race every Sunday is a much more interesting spectacle, presented far better by a superior commentary team. tippy skiffs which sail in and on the water with 3 on trapeze, spinnakers, expert commentary, free to view on web and youtube. https://www.18footers.com.au/18-footers-sailing/18-footers-tv/
  3. Great video of rigging a Nikki. It would be great to see similar for the Skeeta.
  4. oats normally would have done a lot better on the beat to the turning mark. the reefed main was backing the whole way. looked dreadful, sailed slow - for oats. she was overpowered. something was very wrong. she normally loves that stuff. but once she turned and shook out the reef and the main looked fine she wasn't particularly quick either. maybe it was under something other than the sails? ballast, foils? didn't look the oats of old. yet now down the coast she is doing fine...race might be decided in next hours and dependent on positioning rather than just boat speed - of the 100's oats has
  5. Unfortunately Comanche is a dog in the light. They will make the best of the present - but are quite capable of losing to the narrow 100's however far ahead they get. Their starting remains dreadful. Amazing they seem unwilling to fix something so basic. Who knows how that late start will impact on the race - especially in a boat with a known Achilles Heal. The boat should be given every chance.
  6. Australian TV coverage by Channel 7 of the start today must be just about the worst ever. About 1/3 advertising, 1/3 background interviews, 1/3 actual coverage. That's like broadcasting 15 minutes of each half of a rugby match. Just vandalism. Do a decent job, Channel 7, or give it to someone who can!
  7. Portsmouth Yarstick has Tasar at 108, RS Aero 9 109.3. Finn 112, RS Aero 7 112.3, scow Moth 115, OK dinghy 115.5, foiling Moth 60, Waszp 70?
  8. Tom Slingsby already world champ with a day to spare. Simply in a class of his own. Had a significant speed advantage, and sailed impeccably.
  9. thank you all for very helpful replies! I am asking question after many years out of sailing to concentrate on my career I am considering whether I could get the new foiler called the skeeta https://www.skeetafoilingcraft.com/skeeta for low-riding competition as well as foiling. I am steering towards rs aero7 club racing but intrigued by the amazing possibilities of foiling. the skeeta is promoted as a low-rider as well as a foiler and i wondered whether i should consider just getting a skeeta rather than an aero7 - and later add a foiler - a skeeta or a UFO. I prefer the concept of the skeet
  10. glitch on results page on MBSC website. Meantime you can see them on https://www.facebook.com/downundersail/
  11. I was wondering how well a low-riding scow moth (with modern equipment) would match up against an rs aero, given an equal helmsman? has anyone sailed both. and could compare them in performance?
  12. Burling and Tuke are preparing for the Olympics in the 49er.
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