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  1. barefoot children

    When to dodge the "marine markup?"

    On much smaller $$ scale, Petit interior mildew resistant white at $40 + /qt at West marine vs Perma White Mold + Mildew proof interior paint for $12 at Lowes performs the same
  2. barefoot children


    another source for Shakewell type plunger style: Never will freeze up & fit flush to underwater surface when closed
  3. barefoot children


    These are the best:
  4. barefoot children

    Mega high SA/D's - How high?

    Here she was at start in 2013. I had talked to the crew at the dock before they cast off. So sorry for the loss of 2 lives in later mac..
  5. barefoot children

    Mega high SA/D's - How high?

    Taylor 32:
  6. barefoot children

    Sailors Powerboat

    Timeless beauty
  7. barefoot children

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Fully agree with you, don't blow the guy or halyard in a round-up. Chinese gibes are real killers, so I've learned that fractional rig boats don't behave this way. Our first keel boat was masthead and would round down. 2nd boat (Wiley 34) fractional rig in over 20 years racing NEVER rounded down. When I first sailed the boat, we rigged a preventer to the boom to prevent an accedintal gybe. First heavy air round-up boom dragged in the eater and preventer gear wend BANG. Never rigged it again !!
  8. This is John with the other Azzura (I'd bought an old main from you yrs ago). Wondering if you'd ever broken your rudder?   We lost 2 (sheared off at the waterline} although think mine is different than yours although Arne built mine I think, have images of in in the mound.  After 1st loss retrieved the floating bit and had it re-done with a solid G10 core in that area and more carbon plys in the skins.  Still not good enough.2nd loss  was in the ocean, so no retrieval of lost part, had Jim Antrim analyze the original and said it was TOO weak, he did a new layup design, but A new build was $$$ so I got a J-88 rudder instead and that's been up to the job.  The photo shows my stub held against a J-88

    I'm still using Arne's Saildrive 280 based on a 9.9 Honda OB Works quite well although the Honda lower unit isn't up to full time immersion in salt water.  I'd refinished the lower unit many times & finally got a replacement used unit. Boat is drysailed now so i can live with the OB, although it isn't particularly streamlined in the underwater area.  Water temp here in Charleston is 87 Deg now,  so marine growth is aggressive.

    Last photo i first launch trying to start motor.  Boat is quite light at that point as some interior not in yet, and of course no rig.



    Leuk cup 2015-2.jpg


    1. solosailor


      Still the original rudder.   How thick is the laminate?   I'll have to dig out the piece I have from the tube cutout but it's well over 1/4....  more like 3/8 solid carbon on each side.

      My friend did an early Saildrive 280 in his Antrim 27 and another in a J/90.   Always corroding even though both were dry sailed.

      I know the Azzura rudder mold is still here locally.   How much and where did you get quoted for the new foil?

  9. barefoot children

    Cockpit Drain Anarchy

    Look into some big PVC elbows and bond to direct from the scupper into the box.
  10. barefoot children

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    Entire interior is constructed of 3/4 pink foam with 2 plus of glass on either side using west system epoxy. Bunk tops also have thin plywood facing & counter top got white formica also bonded with epoxy. Here's a couple examples: counter assembly & engine box:
  11. barefoot children

    what is it?

    Looks like re-decked Northstar 500 to me:
  12. barefoot children

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Another beautiful one from that era:
  13. barefoot children

    Wiley 34 in Santa Cruz CL Listings

    That photo is my old boat, sailed in lake Erie & Ontario for over 20 years, we'd done VERY well with her in her rating range (120 PHRF) Good in both light & heavy air. Would alway round up in a spinnaker broach, never down. Came with a BMW single cylinder 12 HP diesel. Could hand crank start that motor with dead battery any day (it had a ratchet mechanism to hold the exhaust valve open for bout 4 revs before letting valve close, that gave enough rotation to get the needed compression for a diesel to fire. Wish I still had her in Charleston, but I wanted a trailerable boat. Barefoot Children
  14. barefoot children

    Running a race during a State of Emergency

    Local North loft in Charleston is running Saturday pursuit races around fixed govt. marks. Must stay 50' apart and crew of 3 or less. No start boat and record your own finish times and e-mail in
  15. barefoot children

    Beautiful boats