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  1. Here's the cutter rig a few months ago, still sawing away
  2. Old IOR Sassy but still one of the prettiest boats afloat:
  3. Here is example Farr 280 as seen at Charleston race week couple yrs ago. Barefoot
  4. Don't know exact hull # but I had Arne finish everything structurally including the Mumm30 spar he had. I trailered it to rt coast in 2006 and built out interior in neighborhood boat storage area for several yrs. Here's 1st launch trying to start motor (Four Saildrive 280 which Arne sold) a converted Honda 9.9 OB & on the road headed east
  5. That B-25 listed above would be a very good boat
  6. Here's a spreadsheet I'd come across a while ago for boats mostly in 27-30' range, sorry only have image of it now
  7. My old Wylie 34 raced IOR in 1980 before I got her. We eventually did very well in PHRF LE, & in the Youngstown Levels in Lake Ontario. still going strong with new owner.
  8. Hakan's lines drawings for your boat look almost identical to the Azzura 310 except for transom slope. 310 has retractable keel weight is 1680# for original "L" keel. " T" keel on Outsider is ~2100# (hull #1) My boat (hull #2) has Mumm 30 spar but slightly shorter boom, uses Mumm 30 jibs
  9. I've re-done my foredeck with Total tread from jamestown distributors, goes on quite evenly and easier to clean than kiwi grip. I was very pleased with the outcome. https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/product/product-detail/97706
  10. It does a lot to stiffen the panel as the panel total thickness is key to deflection.
  11. The thickened epoxy does a good job holding the core sections to the outer skin if you've prepped the outer skin well and insure plenty of mixed epoxy is buttered onto the core pieces
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