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  1. I think it used to be an issue with the higher sulphur in diesel in the oldy timey days. Sulphur reacts more with brass.
  2. Agreed, not to the point of launching a dipstick.
  3. True, but it gives you an idea. While the head is off I would disassemble inspect and lap all the valves. It's not a big job to do it.
  4. Pour some diesel into the intake and exhaust ports and look for leakage past the valves to rule out a problem there.
  5. Check out Ship Happens for a real trainwreck. Ww2 boat on a mudflat literally falling apart.
  6. Blitz

    Hurth HBW-5

    I have the same hx on my M25. Had the small bundle hx before and always ran warm. MrCool is the larger bundle hx, temp guage is rock solid now where it should be.
  7. Aluminum foil and a bit of water. Rubs right off. Works on chrome too.
  8. It's all fun and games till someone get a prop in face.
  9. Somehow I like the companionway entrance. Should I hit myself with a mallet or is it cool in a wierd way?
  10. How about the boat recycle place in Linden Wa near the Canada border. They supposedly have a ton of masts.
  11. I think in that category of boat a Catalina 22 is hard to beat. Lots around, parts available, and they sail well. Good owners group also.
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