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  1. That was his problem, if he had aimed for Hawaii he probably would have made it around the horn.
  2. Maybe next to the Boeing plant in South Carolina.
  3. Underestimated the weather or overestimated their skills it sounds like.
  4. Totally agree, It's unacceptable to have those problems on a brand new boat.
  5. A wave in the ocean, chance in a million. At least the front didn't fall off.
  6. It may be possible to cut the swage off and use Norseman type ends and longer turnbuckles in a pinch, but as everyone else has said go new. Don't cheap out on standing rigging. Rigs are expensive and dangerous when they fall.
  7. After a few back of the bar napkin calculations, the answer is 36.8kt.
  8. Seems like a very short term solution. What's the life of foil around saltwater?
  9. Unless your willing to cut the shaft. I would repair what's there. That coupler looks pretty crusty. That is not just going to pop out. No room for pullers it can be a nightmare resulting in replacing the shaft in the end. Just my 0.02.
  10. That would be the one. Sorry couldn't be bothered to read the whole thread.
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