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  1. Great video. Weird how it seemed common to lose crew overboard and little was mentioned about any attempt to save them. It would have been futile I'm sure to try to turn that operation around and conduct a search. Different time.
  2. Bedded with 5200 no need for nuts?
  3. Nice looking boat. Get those fenders stowed somewhere off deck though.
  4. Your wire will fail before a pin does.
  5. Isn't it traditional to have a star on them?
  6. Me too. Used venisian blind type deals on the bottom to give propulsion. Always wanted to build some.
  7. Scrubbing the epoxy in with a wire brush helps adhesion also.
  8. Far to simple, cheap and easy to be effective.
  9. You might be on to something. A decoy rutter. Might just work.
  10. I assume the French promptly surrendered after that incident.
  11. That's a hose Barb with female end. If I'm looking at right part.
  12. Rock anchor, typically used on rivers.
  13. Nice, haven't seen a vh bomb in a while.
  14. The swing keel I had had cupped washers and thick rubber washers on each side of the keel trunk. The bolt should not rotate. The cupped washers ensure the rubber compresses against the bolt and doesn't just squish outward.
  15. Ask the class association. You know the hull number?
  16. No fuck off and buy an ad comment yet? We are getting soft.
  17. Talk about crawling up the owners ass. That guy on the bottom is neck deep.
  18. Way to many things to consider. It's a crapshoot. If you do your own work it might be worth the chance to consider one. If you know what your getting into.
  19. This ,ala Mads on sail life. Whatever is easier for the specific situation.
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