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  1. Yeah I know, Murray's boat, scanned in 2020 using modern, pinpoint accurate 3D digital scanning technology. It was then compared to 3 "scans" completed in 2004 using a wand on a piece of string attached to a measuring device on rails running parallel to the centre line. Might as well be comparing an optimist to MariCha 4.
  2. Yes they put in a request for a approval with the first hull scans. Yes scanning all hulls and doing an accurate survey of the 3 builders is the way forward. Banning mould 11 boats based on 16 year old wand data is just sheer lunacy.
  3. Indeed. The Aussie association applied to the IECA and supplied a 3D digital scan of the first hull produced. Approval was never given nor denied. Why wasn't the whistle blown then? Had the mould changed in 10 years? Or was the IECA asleep at the wheel? They had the perfect optunity to nip this alleged illegal mould in the bud and failed. Yes the Aussies should have followed it up but the IECA is totally and utterly complicit in this fuck up. Throwing the Aussie mould 11 owners under the bus is deflecting blame, nothing more.
  4. That's not accurate. To be more clear, there was a difference found between a 3D digital scan conducted in 2020 and 3 scans done with wands in 2004. The difference in those scans is not big, it's arguably within class tolerances. Also worth noting that the perfect Etchell hull shape is not clearly defined either. Bashford faired the plug before he made the old Aussie moulds. The poms faired it again before the made theirs. Why wasn't the British mould put under the same scrutiny after Martin Hills pretty dominant performance in 2018? Mould 11 boats were pretty deep at those worlds.
  5. Apparently now if you ask for it they will email it to you???
  6. I've only started really looking into this shitfight recently, but I can barely believe the incompetence in particular of the International Etchells Class association. They have deemed all mould 11 boats illegal, based on a 3D digital scan done in 2020 of one hull, and compared that to 3 other scans done in 2004 with wands IMS style. I'm struggling to imagine a more meaningless comparison. To be making decisions that threaten very existence of the class on such sketchy data is just pure lunacy. The fact that mould 11 was never "approved" is open to a fair bit of conjecture... IYRU/WS hand
  7. Not chosen, given. Back when I was sailing in the USA and this was a predominantly US website/forum. Perhaps in this day and age I should consider changing it... But then again, our world leaders are grabbing girls by the pussy and assassinating those who stand against them so, perhaps I should be focusing on the bigger picture...
  8. You could not be more wrong. Listen to the Bar Karate podcast for some enlightenment. And perhaps have a look at the last ten years results at the worlds. You could make a very strong case for the mould 11 boats to be the slowest of the 3 builders.
  9. The inscription is wrong, it should read "Biggest operational loss in the clubs history".
  10. Personally can't see it happening but I hope it does. Looks like a quick one!
  11. I didn't bother attending because I figured it would be just more smoke and mirrors and bullshit.... but this just defies belief!!!
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