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  1. Perhaps he's a cuck and gets off on the humiliation?
  2. The delusions run deep in this cult don't they? Almost as big a lie as Trumps stolen election. 1. There was no abuse. 2. Your definition of volunteer is pretty loose if you include those parties that allege being abused. 3 There has never been an official hearing over this alleged abuse where all parties have been granted a fair hearing so it is an entirely untested allegation. 4. The alleged abuser is one of the greatest volunteers the club has ever had, there are very few that can compare. 5. One of the allegedly abused volunteers has been found guilty of assaulting a woman with a chair a
  3. Come sail toys boats LB. That last weekend away at Units pub with Deano and Tubby was one of the funniest weekends of my life. There's still a few dick heads around but they seems to be a healthy amount of ridicule thrown at them if they start causing a fuss.
  4. I certainly won't be in any rush to make that change.... 2 miles is pretty pathetic compared to a red handheld flare.
  5. Winter. Thant's why its not in Brisbane. Too light.
  6. It's all going to be in Airlie Beach according to my sources....
  7. Look how fast the VX One class is growing... the exodus has started.
  8. Word is some poor unfortunate lady tried to use her head as a preventer. Not sure if it worked or not but she was evac'ed by Manly CG from nearby Green Is West cardinal. A water Police boat was also spotted early Sunday evening near Tuning Fork shoal, lights and spotties blazing. Don't know any more about that one...
  9. Right so its 10 plus year old data generated by measuring those hulls with a wand attached to a string pot on rails. And it is being compared to a 2020 3D digital scan. So they are comparing strawberries to watermelons. Fucking morons. Are they going to release the 3D scans of the modern Ontario and Heritage boats and put them through the same ridiculous scrutiny. Because any decisions made before this is done are hilariously ill-informed. Seriously who the fuck is in charge of this class? Their meetings must look like the closing credits of the Benny Hill show...
  10. Ok, so what exactly is the "CAD solid" in the image above?
  11. Forgive my ignorance but the "CAD solid" is the original data supplied to the Aussies by the International class back in 2010 ish right? If so, can we see the same scrutiny applied to the Heritage and Ontario builds to make it a bit more objective? That was all part of Ritson's brief wasn't it?
  12. Only if your are fishing for "essential food" whatever the hell that means. But basically no, no recreational boating of any kind. I've been down at RQYS marina a few days this week on a boat with a flybridge so ?I could see over the rock wall. I've never seen the bay so empty. No one out there at all despite some pretty nice weather. I think that it's now looking promising for lockdown to lift but there is no way they are going to open everything back up quickly. I can easily see there being a travel restriction on SEQ residents... like 50k's or something like that for at least another w
  13. Agreed. Bugger all chance, but I have an owner who just coughed up for a new suit of 3Di's so I am trying to remain optimistic for his sake.
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