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  1. Over 8000 replies since April 2013. Nice goin!
  2. I don't know if I shared this. It was taken my Kim Bottles on the Francis Lee.
  3. " Time Worn, Repurposed, Reborn." And it's not even that. Hipster bait.
  4. Fractal wrongness: where something or someoe is wrong at every possible resolution.
  5. There is an ad, here in Seattle, where someone has been trying to sell a corroded deck plate key for two dollars. It's been runnung for over a year.
  6. Apparently the ad is a real situation. Liveaboard with cancer, trying to row himself to shore to get to his treatments and it's getting rough in the winter.
  7. Awful story. There but for the grace of *something* go I...
  8. Or, come off the crank to a propshaft via toothed belt.
  9. I got a free sailboat once. Well, not free, but in exchange for a day's work helping out a friend. It also came with a trailer and Ford 350 pickup truck. It was a mess but, San Juan 21s don't have wood interiors. It's just gel coat or painted glass. The cushions were safe and sound in a garage. When we went to pick up the boat from the storage we had to drain 24" of water from the inside before we could tow it away. I cleaned it, painted it here and there, rebed the deck fittings, installed a nice bulkhead compass, and polished the hell out of the goldenrod yellow deck and cockpit.
  10. Old plank on frame without the planks? Just keel and ribs?
  11. It's cute and likely fun. I like the paint too.
  12. Yes, and worth every penny!! I love this. I just do.
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