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  1. So many things to go wrong. So many...
  2. Over 8000 replies since April 2013. Nice goin!
  3. I don't know if I shared this. It was taken my Kim Bottles on the Francis Lee.
  4. " Time Worn, Repurposed, Reborn." And it's not even that. Hipster bait.
  5. Fractal wrongness: where something or someoe is wrong at every possible resolution.
  6. Thank you, Bob. I had read that a couple years ago and had forgotten. It's good wisdom in a question: well, what's the good news. Thanks.
  7. There is an ad, here in Seattle, where someone has been trying to sell a corroded deck plate key for two dollars. It's been runnung for over a year.
  8. It's easier with sheep. If one jumps, all the rest that follow will jump at the same spot. No. This is your doing.
  9. Steve did invite us but we couldn't make it. I wish we could have been there. I love DIY forge stuff.
  10. Not at all - assholes do get called on their assholeiness though. Deservedly so. Are you calling me an asshole? Not yet.
  11. No, it isn't. I'm surrounded by "uppercalssmen" all the damn time here and, they treat me pretty well. I guess there must be a reason, though for the life of me, I can't tell you what it is. This is decent forum, with decent people. It's not populated by the usual cast of armchair sailors. I learn stuff here from those upperclassmen. I've been to their homes, eaten at their tables, and I was invited every time. And I'm not all that so, it must be how decent they all are. I know bullying. It really doesn't happen here. Welcome, Markus.
  12. Hey look! My boat! Seriously, it was awesome to share space with Icon. I don't think that Bob is doing himself a favour here. In short he is being mean to a man who in his opinion is troubled. That's about as brave as a 6ft athletic guy hitting a small kid. Not the kind of guy I would like to have on board in tricky conditions, only wimps behave like this. The irony meter goes off scale when he calls others snowflakes. HTFU. Bob is very candid here and shares everything he works on. When some special snowflake attacks him and his work is he supposed to just ignore it? BS
  13. Crazy idea or...I don't know. I could guess at some of the challenges, especially where the tip gaff attaches to the mast.
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