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  1. The Germans make pretty good non-alcoholic beers. Someone has to drive the crew to the Biergarten and back, and the Polizei and the Autobahnen have little tolerance for operator alcohol consumption. But they still should be able to enjoy a decent beer while there.
  2. You may want to ask this over in Cruising anarchy; this is the kind of thing the folks over there (many of whom rarely get out, to their benefit) would be able to answer.
  3. And you now also have Breeze Air from Norfolk to Providence (or Bradley) for about $40-50 each way, and only an hour in the air. I have been flying Breeze this summer a bunch between Charleston and Providence, and I can firmly recommend it. (Also the flight has great timing: leave CHS at 5pm, land PVD 7pm, turn around and back in Charleston by 9:45). It’s no frills, but it’s founded by the same guy who created JetBlue, and so far it has been similar.
  4. Amidst the chaotic brilliance of The Rolling Stones, there sat Charlie Watts: a steady but sure hand just behind but also always, always at the center. RIP to one of the true greats.
  5. The sled race would be pretty sweet, actually. Start the day after the opening ceremonies and follow every day for the fortnight. I also might add Hobie 16s off the beach (mixed) for the catamaran event. :-)
  6. Great job. FWIW, Long Island Sound is much nicer in September and early October than in mid-August anyway. More breeze, fewer bugs, almost no yahoos. Come back next year and spend a week or two around there, lingering the most in the eastern reaches of the area.
  7. While I still advocate Mystic (having rode out a tropical storm there myself), a mooring on Block is probably fine. Also the south is more protected in the Great Salt Pond (high bluffs) than the east (just a sand spit between you and the ocean). Lash your canvas, secure your mooring, and hunker down. I recommend baking some frozen lasagna: cook it for an hour in your oven; it will warm you and your boat - and it smells fantastic. It just passed here in Charleston overnight. Some scary tornado warnings at 3am that amounted to nothing; plenty of rain and minor flooding (already d
  8. Block is a large harbor with limited highlands, particularly to the east. If you can get on a dock (they tuck up into the eastern corner of the harbor), perhaps. Do not anchor; the holding is horrible in a blow. Even if you hold, the boat to windward of you might not. If you choose to press east, I would instead turn north at Montauk and make a bee-line for the Mystic River. It's all of 5nm more distance than Block, though you should try to enter Watch Hill Passage on a favorable tide. Any marina up the river would be good, but bonus points if you can get a slip at Mystic Seaport. My
  9. In addition to the above, Quisset is a gem hiding in plain sight. You'll have to stay on a rental mooring from the local boatyard, but the sunsets are amazing, and there's a nice little hiking trail to the Knob at the harbor mouth. Well worth a night.
  10. Different painting. The detail Hobot showed was from Rembrandt's "Storm on the Sea of Galilee," probably the most famous painting stolen in the still-unsolved Gardner Museum heist. The recent Netflix documentary on it is quite interesting but was about 2 hours too long.
  11. It was a really interesting hypothesis and very well-presented.
  12. Hooray! Welcome back to the thread, and more importantly, to its inimitable author.
  13. Keep in mind that Block Island is on the rhumb line about 50nm shy of Onset (200nm from Cape May, or 36hrs at 5.5kts), has multiple fuel docks, and is not the worst place in the world to make a pit stop. Also any afternoon trip from Block to Onset will likely be with a nice breeze aft of the beam.
  14. Did not see another thread on this remarkable man. Cheers to a life fully lived, and sail on. And thankful to know that stranded teenage boys do much better in real life than in fiction: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/22/world/australia/peter-warner-dead.html
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