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  1. Hooray! Welcome back to the thread, and more importantly, to its inimitable author.
  2. Keep in mind that Block Island is on the rhumb line about 50nm shy of Onset (200nm from Cape May, or 36hrs at 5.5kts), has multiple fuel docks, and is not the worst place in the world to make a pit stop. Also any afternoon trip from Block to Onset will likely be with a nice breeze aft of the beam.
  3. Did not see another thread on this remarkable man. Cheers to a life fully lived, and sail on. And thankful to know that stranded teenage boys do much better in real life than in fiction: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/22/world/australia/peter-warner-dead.html
  4. Also just tons of options. When I first worked with the boat I now own, it was at Yacht Haven East. Silting eventually forced us out of there, across the way to some marina next to the Crab Shell for a summer. Then a friend had a mooring open up in Five Mile River in Rowayton, which was impossible to pass up given, well, everything (cost, ambiance, hurricane protection). It was there for close to a decade. We moved out of NYC and eventually brought the boat up to RI, but with the number of marinas, moorings, and clubs between Eastchester and Essex, not to mention Manhasset to Mount Si
  5. Following up on CHS culture: the promoters here have done a good job keeping live music going during Covid with series like this: https://www.charlestonmusichall.com/outdoor-concert-series/
  6. Just moved back (home) to Charleston after two decades in the northeast. Some thoughts: 1) Charleston should check all your boxes, though with the area population approaching 1 million, it's now more of a mid-sized city than a small one. 2) This has upsides and downsides. The biggest downsides are more traffic and higher home prices in desirable neighborhoods, though nowhere is really more than 30 minutes from anywhere else, and your dollar will still go a lot farther here than in NYC. 3) One upside is the growth of secondary centers away from downtown. Avondale in West Ashle
  7. He may have led a privileged life, but he used that privilege and prominence to raise a helluva a lot of money for folks like that girl and other causes, like the environment. There was a strong sense of “oblige” in his “noblesse.”
  8. Adding my vibes to all those have come before - get well soon and can't wait to have you back around here Hobot!
  9. In the end it probably comes down to compensation. For generations teaching was one of the few professions truly open to educated women (who otherwise were expected to be at home, raising a family, and teachers' hours melded reasonably well with home responsibilities). Because of this, we as a society became acclimated to underpaying teachers, as by and large they were not expected to be breadwinners. About fifty years ago, thanks to birth control and wider coeducation at the university and graduate school levels, the career opportunities for educated women started to expand. And many wome
  10. The Supremes truly lived up to their name, and they are an indelible and eternal part of American music history. Thank you Mary and your soulmates, and RIP.
  11. After watching many times, I could not decide which was supporting her better: the orchestra or the dress.
  12. What that we all could have a life and career of such sustained and versatile excellence. RIP, with gratitude.
  13. Since last April we’ve lost the following HOF’ers: Hank Aaron Al Kaline Bob Gibson Lou Brock Tom Seaver Whitey Ford Joe Morgan Phil Niekro Tommy Lasorda Don Sutton That’s a pitching staff and lineup that could match any, with a top-notch manager to boot. Willie Mays, stay with us please...
  14. The undisputed master of the spy novel. In a genre that too easily and often devolves into Manichean dichotomies, le Carre drew characters whose warts were transcendently on display for all. Bravo Zulu, and thank you. RIP.
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