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  1. Glenn McCarthy


    Milwaukee, WI CNG Natural Gas Fueling Station Citgo, 2400 E. College Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53110 Clark Oil Company, 5979 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207 We-Energies, 4800 W. Rawson Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53132 We-Energies, 5400 N. Green Bay Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53209 We-Energies, 424 W. Cherry St., Milwaukee, WI 53212 We-Energies, 2425 S. 35th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215
  2. Glenn McCarthy


    Yes a stove can be converted from CNG to LPG, however, CNG does not need a locker being lighter than air. But LPG being heaving than air (a leak collects in the bilge - kaboom) now needs to be put in a sealed box, a hose out the bottom of the box with a thru-hull overboard lower than the bottom of the tank box. The shapes of the tanks are different, commonly the space for the CNG tank (long and narrow), has to be converted to space to accommodate a box that is much wider, though shorter. Here three pieces on gas adapters: https://cruisersnet.net/a-homemade-solution-for-cng-compresse
  3. Glenn McCarthy


    And at Larsen, that is for an exchange of tanks!
  4. Glenn McCarthy


    Larsen Marine in Waukegan is the source. They get a bit over $200 per tank. Searching boating websites I saw one guy a few years ago who bought a bunch of 6000# fittings to adapt from your tank to a local CNG filling station nozzle. THAT looks like the cat's pajamas.
  5. The vehicle I want, no one makes. After thinking about it for a year, I am going to write Ford and ask them to build it. I am betting it will be a good seller.
  6. If you haven't seen this, it is VERY worthy.
  7. They had the head of the SCCA as ExDir before, nuttin great happened then. When he quit, his contract had a quitting bonus - no shit. Over a hundred G.
  8. Does this belong in PA?
  9. I just binged watched the Tally Ho from episode 1 to the current episode 95 over the past 3 weeks. Right away I knew how much I love fiberglass, having started out in the days of wood boats and the maintenance hogs they are. For someone with 10 years of sailing experience, Leo is incredibly competent, I'm amused at the level to the depths of perfection taken. I enjoy the talks he gives explaining the logic in the decisions made, clearly he spends a lot of time off screen doing research.
  10. It took the U.S. government 2 years to repeal the luxury tax. After decimating the boating industry, killing jobs like no tomorrow. And it never recovered. Sounds good in the newspapers though! Stick it to the rich!
  11. Damn, I was looking forward to the one on the E35.
  12. WS picks such odd things now a days, I expect them to pick something like a foiling optimist.
  13. Actually the number of medals earned does put money in the bank for US Sailing Olympics. It's been many years, last I saw it was around $4M. The money is held in an USOC investment account (with other sports). They money is commonly used to pay for the coaches for the US Sailing Olympic Team.
  14. Using all launch ramp boats eliminated the cost of a crane and hoist, wiring underground to the crane and hoist and deeper water for the keelboats. Once keelboats were eliminated, this ended paralympic sailing. Paralympic boats need a crane and hoist to launch. And the paralympics do not have the income to support the infrastructure, they must use the leftover infrastructure from the Olympics.
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