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  1. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light," was the name of a Soling in Chicago for many years. The name started at the transom and finished in front of the shrouds!
  2. We need more sail put up the #1.
  3. A freighter dumped some bunker oil into Lake Michigan around 1976, it came into Belmont Harbor putting a ring-around-the-collar on everything - moorings, boats, pilings, lines dangling in the water, dinghies, the wall, etc. Took me about 3 hours to get the ring off the Cal 40.
  4. Had a table planer 15 years ago for a short time to run the ash planks on the walls in the TV room thru, 50 year old pastel stain didn't look to hot. Refinished with a natural stain and urethane, still looks great. Then sold it. Loved it though, it makes the biggest pile of wood chips, is so loud it makes your brain numb in 15 minutes. Gotta project lined up for this winter and found one at a cheap price on Offerup. It looks rough on the outside with a bit of rust, but all of the running parts are fine. Did re-coat the tables, then waxed. Had to re-align the blade, was off 1/4 of an
  5. Please join the link below for a livestream on Luiz's Funeral Mass on Friday, October 1 at 12 Noon. [Presuming Eastern Time] https://fb.me/e/4KPOLq5dA The link below is for the livestream of the Celebration of Life at Bayview Yacht Club Friday, October 1 from 3pm - 7pm [Presuming Eastern Time] https://fb.me/e/I5n6rz6D
  6. What you got that you added to your collection lately? I'd much rather stop what I'm doing, get the right tool even if it requires a trip to get one, and do the job with ease. McGiver-ing with the wrong tools sucks. I'm always buying tools, adding to the collection, and just picked up this 100+ year old 4" pipe vice, cleaned it for 2-1/2 hours removing caked on layers of oil, and sprayed it, mounted it on a base with (3) 1/2" lag screws -
  7. Apparent heart attack. Great guy. Will be sorely missed.
  8. Sweatshirt at Farmers Market: I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look for you.
  9. 1979 Orange Ford Fiesta. German designed and built, stickshift, an absolute hoot to drive, great cornering, jamming through the gears as quick as possible. Could park anywhere in downtown Chicago due to its short length. Used as a daily commuter. I was 6'2" and 190 pounds at the time. People were amused at this giant stepping out of this little box. No A/C. Had sunroof. Drove to Indy 500 with it, on the way back, all of the cops in the State of Indiana are in Indianapolis, not one on the highways. Everyone is flying with the adrenaline of the race pouring through their veins. This litt
  10. Yes it is. Step 1: In a heavy rain, with the crew below, hand out flashlights and rolls of tape. Have the crew inspect the underside of the deck from bow to stern (yes, someone gets to climb in the lazarette, tear off a piece of tape 6" long and stick like 1.5" to the ceiling let the rest dangle down. A few days later after dry out, re-bed those leakers. Step 2: Install a dripless stuffing box. It takes time, a few extra tries in those heavy rain storms, but you'll get there.
  11. Olin Stephens said: "Boats should be either black or white. And nobody should paint them black."
  12. Driving through lower Wisconsin last week, I saw a building with MECUM AUCTIONS on it. Stunned. Didn't know it was there. Went to their website, and really couldn't find the location on the website. Couldn't find auction dates for that location. Couldn't see cars to be auctioned at that location. Weird operation.
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