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  1. If you haven't already try contacting Tim Jackett at Tartan Yachts in Painesville,Ohio. He was the designer and builder and might be able to help..
  2. Look at Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club..Raced with that club when living in Boca Raton years ago..
  3. jww

    what is it?

    I believe that the Lindenberg 26 was a Creekmore design built by Paul Lindenberg..
  4. Babe Ruthless.. NM 30 MORC maxi..
  5. That flush decked version is located in Grand River, Ohio and has been sitting on its cradle filled with water and rig still up for 20 years plus.Still the same color...
  6. 24 Karat was indeed the first Lindenberg 24 built. Skippered by Mark Ploch at the 81 MORC Nationals. I was sailing on the first production Lindenberg 30..
  7. The 23 I raced on had a adjustable outboard rudder. Boat name was Witchcraft..
  8. I'd guess a Beneteau 36.7...
  9. Nice to see Dad's old boat...
  10. All three boats are completely different designs.The original Tartan 27 was a S&S design.The Pride 270 was a Britton Chance design and the the Nitro 27 you recall was actually a Soverel 27 design built by Tartan.One of the Soverel 27s built.was named Nitro...
  11. Esox,got a lead for you.Wylie 34 with a trailer.Give me a call Sunday if interested...Jeff
  12. jww

    Seascape 27

    Thanks for responding.I do see some overhang but you are right,it's deceiving.Looks like a very nice boat.Good luck with it.
  13. jww

    Seascape 27

    Is that the electric panel just under the sill of the companionway? That does not seem like a good location, almost everybody getting in or out of the cabin will kick it. FB- Doug I noticed that also but thought they were instruments.I know the the two wettest areas on my boat are the bow and companionway.How do you keep anything directly under that area dry?Is there a clear cover over them that cannot be seen in the picture?
  14. John,is Uno Mas Hull #1 converted to a masthead rig and restored a bit and then sold by a Doyle rep in the Cleveland area? It had a outboard on it when I sailed on it but he had a inboard included with the sales price.
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