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  1. Links to videos: I like this on because in fairness, Steve includes a rock tied to a rope in comparison: Part 2:
  2. Have you looked at the Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx? It can be used in both Marine and Automobile/Motorcycle/Off Road Vehicle applications, internal battery so will continue to work if you lose vessel power, small, but not too small, etc. Manual: https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/gpsmap276cx/EN-US/GUID-B915716B-24CE-499D-98FF-E0578277E69F-homepage.html I can't find any Marine reviews, here's a motorcycle one: http://globeriders.com/article_pages/article10_gps/article10_gpsmap276cx.shtml
  3. Lots of information on this subject here: http://alain.fraysse.free.fr/sail/rode/static/static.htm
  4. Or, more correctly, the anchor with the most fluke surface are will win in soft mud, irrespective of weight or almost any other considerations. If you have a windlass so don't care, just change to a larger anchor. Still, if a change in wind direction is a real possibility, one of the other designs is a much safer bet as the Danforth pattern is unlikely to reset after a significant wind direction change.
  5. They are different trailers too, one a box beam, the other an I beam.
  6. We took Salazar from Toronto down the St. Lawrence to Cape Breton Island (Bras d'Or Lakes) in 2010. We took two weeks so we could do some sightseeing along the way. Great trip. We motored probably 1/2 the time as well.
  7. Here's a few playing with us just off Point Aconi, Cape Breton Island.
  8. It was for a 'Marine' grade cat. What did you expect?
  9. Thank you for posting this.
  10. I think, looking at the photo, it is actually a shoe box design, hull comes up and stops, deck fits over and overlaps down to the rubrail and them riveted, as Sanatana suggested. That would mean all the cracking shown is in the deck layup. Looks like quite a bit of work to fix but I'm no expert.
  11. Same to you and to the rest of the Nova Scotia Anarchists.
  12. Hi Jim, I was just looking at that same page a few minutes ago, and making a plan for prep to do this weekend before Teddy comes to visit us. Genoa off the furler and stored below, dodger off, move the boat to a more sheltered slip closer to the land, and add extra dock lines, wrap up the mainsail in its cover to make it more compact, that sort of stuff. Ken H.
  13. Yes to all your questions (I followed the entire build thread, it was a great thread). Somewhere around here are some photos:
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