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  1. Too bad he didn't understand it was a derogatory label...he thinks it was a complement!
  2. “Blondie Hasler, one of the founders of the OSTAR, would probably not approve of this equipment [the EPIRB] since he was against any competitor making use of rescue services. He has been quoted as saying, a competitor who got into trouble ‘ . . . should have the decency to drown like a gentleman and not bother the rescue people.’ ” Blondie Hasler was one of my early heroes and I always remember that quote. He could risk his life doing what ever foolish thing he wanted (single handed trans Atlantic) but had no right to expect someone to risk their life to save him.
  3. Rimas has zero ability to enter a port. He has no working engine, can't sail and no knowledge of navigation or piloting. Hence the begging for tows as previously mentioned.
  4. Yes, he'll die if he hits Niuafo'ou with steep cliffs and no beach. Best hope is he tries to reach there and winds up missing by 15 miles.
  5. I'm surprised that he has managed to changed to WNW course. I guess he has figured out with the stick at the aft end of the cockpit does. I'm thinking he may be able to get close enough to Fiji to be towed in, otherwise our brave protagonist could be in a world of hurt.
  6. In some parts of the world cruisers already have a less than stellar reputation...Rimas trashes that completely by freeloading and running out on debts or leaving junk boats for others to dispose of. A few more like him and cruisers will not be welcome in any port.
  7. That is what reefs and smaller jibs are for.
  8. In very, very light air you're not going to exceed hull speed even in a semi-displacement/planning boat. The trick is to get TO hull speed in lighter conditions than a stock E-22
  9. Wow, latest reading he's up to six knots! Must be a gale blowing to drift that fast with ragged sails.
  10. His current trajectory will take him past American Samoa and on towards Fiji. I don't think he could get to French Polynesia as it's "up stream" from his location.
  11. He just needs to get within VHF range to call for a courtesy tow...
  12. Well, he did put that cool set of mast steps on the boat...oh wait, that was a ladder.
  13. Maybe he can adjust his drift to hit Pago Pago, then he's back in freeloader paradise.
  14. Current should keep him north of the equator and westbound.
  15. Looks like he's reached the westerly current, should be picking up speed heading towards PNG.
  16. You're right, I forgot for a moment who we're dealing with, geography may not be his strong point.
  17. Rimas mentioned that it's getting hot as he approached the equator, so he knows that he's not headed to Alaska by now!
  18. Wow, looked at the tracker this morning. He's still headed almost due south, straight to Alaska!
  19. He probably just has the tool box next to the compass... or is reading it backwards.
  20. I threw a message in a bottle overboard on a Transpac return delivery in 1969. It washed up on an Oregon beach in 1976 so Rimas may make it to North America...in five or six years! Giving him a shorter time for his sailing ability vs. the bottle drifting.
  21. Wow, six months of food for a 5 week trip. It was a mistake not confiscating his EPIRB, radios and flares before departure...now the USCG will have to go rescue him yet again.
  22. "The worst thing about this clown is he always relies on the CG or other emergency unit to get towed in" Exactly why all signaling and communications equipment should be removed before he departs. Let him find his own way and not tie up resources that may be used to help someone who isn't a repeat rescue.
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