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  1. RQ4077 raced @ 1.042 in Hobart. RQ4077 IRC appears in this years IRC list (14th December 2020) @ 1.045 Both ratings are pretty low for a 40.7 anyway. Increase could be a number of factors - this season with more sail area, bling ..... or measurement correction. Usually would expect if nothing changes for IRC to tick down with age credit.
  2. Nah - didn't hit the bricks. Good Sailing TR - great man.
  3. Fair enough - scratch a bit deeper. "Transiting through a medium or high-risk area: The traveller transits directly from the low-risk area to an airport or seaport by vehicle, only stopping for fuel." That is consistent with what Public Health have confirmed with a few today. I guess if they get Tas e-travel QR stuff issued they ticked the box in the opinion of those who tick the box. Linky Anyway - no biggy - whether these boats, even if they want to, can put up a race crew is a different matter. @LB 15 - we are indeed the lucky country and you are of course correct.
  4. There is a transit provision in the Tassie health act which captures Tasmanians who transit a designated low or medium risk region. If a Tassie race boat is in Sydney and their Tassie delivery crew fly to Sydney - transit straight to the boat and piss off - they're all good. If you transit through a high risk region you are stuffed and need to isolate for 14 days. Only applies to Tasmanians with a residential in the state. Tassie has only applied restrictions to the Greater Sydney area - anyone else from Australia still can come without isolation requirements. Any Tasmanian can retur
  5. Ubox was Ex Pretty Fly I think. Jazz was Quantum Racing, Victoire now in Tassie as Oskana. Gooden anyway.....
  6. Just when you thought it couldn't be a bigger circus it actually gets better - online NOR is different AYC NOR - Rev 3.2 – 3 September 2019
  7. Clearly a rule for the exclusion of others. Governance issues?? AYC NoR Final.pdf
  8. A couple of new boats into Hobart - Estate Master and Blacksheep. Anyone know of any others?
  9. Looks like the clubs have sorted it out pretty well - see what the fleets are like. The 4 Groups giving tighter TCF bands is good. Fair chance that there will be some good racing.
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