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  1. It all went down hill once thongs were allowed in the bar.
  2. And not to forget the largest keelboat class on the bay, the S80!
  3. A little birdy told me the other day that Walrus is actually going to be at the FoS this year..........
  4. Yep, the proposal got up. Only on race days and they specified "rubber thongs". So, for all those out there into S&M, bring out the PVC thong for twilight racing! Mex I always knew it to be a bogan club. Will now definitely never be RSYC!
  5. Well here we are folks, half a week down the track from the Association Cup (Congrats to RYCV for retaining it) with zero press coverage (so it obviously doesn't matter a tinkers cuss to them), zero photo coverage (and we have some of the most active yacht snappers on the globe in Melbourne), not even the annual shitfight about it on this thread. I think we can safely declare the patient dead or at the very least critically wounded and in urgent need of resuscitation. What can be done to revive interest in this once pinnacle event? How about this - no yacht that sailed in the previous y
  6. And now the FoS wants us to pay $ 50.00 to attend the prize-giving breakfast at 0800 on Sunday? But if you've won your division, you get ONE FREE TICKET! No-one will turn up for two reasons; The time of day and the cost.
  7. Have you seen the total waste of competitors money on the Tulla FWY inbound? 3 lane overhead billboard inviting all to the FoS. As if the yachties didn't know what was happening on Australia Day?
  8. is browsing the anarchy

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