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  1. I've hopefully rode the pooch long enough to let Ryoochi and Chi-2207 have a glimmer of hope. Just after hitting the island off Cape Horn, I totally screwed the routing and spent some quiet time getting even more in touch with myself than this pandemic has encouraged. Finally, there seems a weather pattern that'll take me past Fernando de Noronha albeit at a more leisurely pace than maybe Ryooshi and Chi can muster. The games on again. Health, wealth and joy to all in the New Year.
  2. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
  3. Health, wealth, and joy to all for 2021. Thank you TR, good job! Congratulations Your Mom for ending a wretched year on a high point and thank you also for your leadership in constructive commentaries.
  4. Well passing the Horn has been a little too painful. Thought I'd stop off for a while, check the real estate, knock back a few, and let a couple go buy and maybe get Ryoochi excited for his belated xmas present. But the movie ended, I'm back at sea. Crap.
  5. The weather systems seem more squirrely this year than as I recall from the past. I was expecting a more steady train of cold lows tracking along from COGH to CH. The systems are breaking down, inverting, and causing all sorts of shit to my routing schedule. It's probably COVID-related too. Fuck fuck fuck
  6. I'm happy that PB2207 and Ryoochi are close although I think I'll soak down a bit to give PB more shit air and reduce the leverage of Ryoochi.
  7. On another topic. . .I'm wondering how the VR game deals with the difference in distance traveled wrt latitude and speed. For example, @ 45 DEG S, 5 deg of longitude = 212 nm | @ 50 deg S., 5 deg long. = 193 nm. Does the game automatically reduce boatspeed by, say, 10% at the 5 deg further North or increase the distance between points?
  8. Well, my sphincter has been really tight over the past few days. I'm trying desperately to keep ahead of the cold front.
  9. I'm urging you on @Hike, Bitches!. I can do that because you're so fucking far behind.. I"m playing with PB2207 right now and hoping my full pack will grind him down in the end. I miss the odd video from Driftwood and used to duke it out with Wet Hog, @daan62 et. al. I'm okay with climbing back to 60someithing thousand after starting 3 days late in the 350,000s. Not much to do until the Atlantic. Always appreciate @Tunnel Rat's position updates and Your Mom's generous input.
  10. Well, my junket south didn't pay. I've lost at least 9 hours to the front pack. After starting 3 days late, I was happy to get within a day and a half of Mom, et.al. I'm okay back in the cheap seats for now. My comeback will be all the sweeter. . .when it comes. ~~~~~~/)~~~~ Optimism doesn't wait on facts. ... m2for
  11. Thanks. I'm fortunately well-stocked and can forgo stopping for a pint for a while.
  12. Are these nuggets there in reality or are they game challenges? It seems like the real boats have a governor on speed at 20.4 knots today.
  13. He's been saving that line since he named his boat. But, not mutually exclusive.
  14. thanks. I'll check out your link. It looks like we'll be duking it out for a while. I also started late but am trying to grind down the usual leaders. I haven't played since 2017 but this turns out to be an excellent diversion from the plague. My boat is m2for-SA. I was tempted to try and thread the eastern needle that it looks like you're doing but I've gone for the big end around to the west. I'm going to miss the train that Mom, XC Race, et. al are going to catch but I'll catch the tail end and hopefully keep in touch. I'm SW of Kenny Dumas and WSW of you. Good Luck.
  15. Knut, Great pic! Can I use it on our Fleet's website? Are there other credits I should use?
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