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  1. Oh I thought you meant pair then electronically somehow.
  2. Although they are listed for sale all over the place, I can find no mention of AquaSignal series 33 lights on their website. I'm trying to figure out of they have an IP rating. The series 34 has IP45, which is way less than awesome.
  3. Today, I noticed that the left third of one of my rather expensive H5000 graphic displays went dark, then the entire display started flickering and finally, the entire display went dark. Closer examination revealed that the display was working, but it seems the backlighting failed. These instruments came with the boat and I expect they are out of the 2 year warranty, but it is a N2K device. I have sent B&G a note, but can these be repaired? If so, who does that?
  4. @xeodes did you ever get this sorted? If not I can answer some of these questions...
  5. Thanks everyone, I' searching for a used swivel on Ebay and such. Prices for a new one are about half an entire furler!
  6. Actually someone sent me the specs on all the various Facnor furlers, and the measurements of mine exactly match those of the FD110, with the R14 foil. The spec says this has 5mm groves.
  7. Thanks @WHK and, as you can see, they didn't tell us which furler it is. Good idea on the resource page thank you.
  8. I'm trying to find out which furler the J/111 comes with, or at least came with in 2011. The boat's manual does not specify which furler is included. I think it's the Facnor FD190, is that correct? I ask because my swivel is pretty close to jammed, so I'm trying to figure out the correct replacement part. I know they changed it, if anyone knows the original part that would be great info. Thanks!
  9. Actually mine looks like this, I wonder if it is missing a top part that makes it like a cone?
  10. Can the swivel be taken off the top of the foil, so that if i had a replacement I could at least install it?
  11. Okay thanks guys, does not sound like there is an easy or good fix. Mine does not quite look like that but I'll see if I can make that idea work.
  12. I have a Facnor flat drum furler and the top swivel has probably not been used in years. Turning it by hand, it really puts up a fight. I have tried pouring vinegar into it, but most of it runs down the side. I can't see how to disassemble it. There are two screws, but removing them does not seem to do anything. Is there a way to fix this, ideally without taking the furler apart?
  13. Thanks! Artie offered to do it if I send him the unit, and he also referred me to Custom Offshore in RI, and they are going to handle it. This was a huge help thank you!
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