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  1. I just didn't think of it. Basically, one guy put as much force on the nut as he could from below, then we added another 1/4 turn or so from up top, where we could get a lot more leverage. But here's the thing... I won't be able to see it from the helm!
  2. Yup very possible, although we did soak it with lots of Anti-bond after we got the bracket off.
  3. It's a whole new headstay, with a Tuff Luff. All the hardware is new, including the toggle at the top. I'm pretty sure the issue is that the toggle won't articulate freely, and therefore will not angle down enough. A close look at the pic shows where the old toggle sat. The new one you see there won't move any lower. The old toggle was 1/4 or 1/2 inch longer. Sadly I didn't have a long enough clevis pin on hand to use that one.
  4. Damn, not that you pointed that out, I'll see it every time!
  5. Wow, an 8 foot 4 inch keel! That's going to limit owners a bit, and make over road transport a pain (at least here in the US). I couldn't tell from your description, but is the keel bolted and glued or just bolted? Being able to drop the keel for transport or repair would be handy.
  6. This job finally got done today! We don't race in December so waiting made sense. If something went wrong (and it did) we wouldn't have to miss any racing. Three crew members and I tackled it. We used the suggestion to lock two nuts together and turn the bolts out from below. Once they got backed out as far as possible, we used a breaker bar with a giant bit. They were in there very tight, it took some muscle to back them out from below. I had planned to apply some heat, but somehow the heat gun got misplaced. Once the bolts were out, we squirted Anti-bond around the edges and into the bo
  7. Who is making the spar? Is the boom aluminum?
  8. Yet somehow, about 30 years earlier, we managed to land men on the moon and return them safely, flying them in craft designed with slide rules and using a guidance computer equipped with core rope memory and such. I agree that we should not let the Cheeki Rafiki incident color every Beneteau ever made, but let's not blame that incident on Windows 95. I mean, yeah it did suck, but still...
  9. Just like a state job. Only thing missing is the "men at work" sign.
  10. When you change the bulbs, take a few minutes to clean the contacts in the fixture.
  11. In addition to the issues mentioned above, cheap LED bulbs can emit radio frequency noise that can interfere with your VHF radio. The CG issued a bulletin on this. Also, cheap LEDs don't have constant current circuitry and can dim as battery voltage drops. Finally, there are stories (and they may just be stories) around about insurance companies deciding that fixtures with non-approved bulbs were contributors to an accident. If you do a lot of sailing at night and want LED bulbs to save power, then get an entire LED fixture. As someone mentioned, Marine Beam has some excellent choices th
  12. I guess we can do this too, if the new one is ready to go I can see this being quick.
  13. Thanks very much everyone. Our lead bow guy and I are digesting all this. It sounds like the basic rule is always hoist the first kite on the upper halyard. For the peel, hoist on the lower halyard inside the existing chute and drop the old one behind and below the new one. If we need to peel again, gybe first. This way the free halyard in on the windward side (inside) of the existing chute. I suppose we could walk the halyard around the headstay but in the dark or big seas that's less than ideal.
  14. Yes I'm thinking since the hardware is in place to go for the second tack line approach, if for no other reason then the bow team needs to learn one less thing this way. On the blocks, they are only as wide as one sheet, did you mean it's okay for the new active sheet to be on top of the old one, so there is a piece of line between the shive and new sheet? I can't see how that would work, but I'll run a few pieces of sheet in there and see what happens. On the tack line, how long should a tack line be? It seems to me it should be long enough to allow a letter box drop without having to d
  15. Thanks for the front page plug @Editor !
  16. Oh, my halyards are above and below each other, I forgot to mention that in the original post.
  17. I want to set my J/111 (so 36 feet LOA with an 8 foot bowsprite) up for asym peels. I have only been sailing this boat since July and it's my first asym boat, so I would appreciate some help deciding how to set this up and do it. I think I need a second block on each quarter and a second set of sheets. The bowsprit end is set up with two low friction rings, and both sides of the cabin house have line guides and a clutch. I currently have one tackline on the starboard side. I think the fittings on the port side were for the headsail furler, but I'm getting rid of that. We sail a mix o
  18. Must the oil be drained, requiring a haul, or can it be sucked out from the top?
  19. If you don't buy them, send the seller's info my way!
  20. Interesting feedback! I have been looking at this but have trouble getting past the price, even as my older 20/20 displays are failing. At least when one of those fails, it's just the one and the other three keep going. I have had issues with B&G ethernet so I'm not excited about that. Not waterproof? How is that possible for a device intended to be mounted on a mast above deck? Oh, and the H5000 graphic displays and Zuse plotters have the same issue, if they are left set to night mode I can't see them in direct sunlight. Setting them back to bright is a major pain in the ass.
  21. I did a lot of this when I had Garmin instruments and a Virb. I still have the Virb, but I got a new boat that came with B&G. If I could convert the logged data to GMetrix I could make it all work. Maybe we need a tool to just convert the data to GMetrix. I keep meaning to find the GMetric format but, well, life gets in the way.
  22. So, the ground prong on the 110VAC cord does not have any continuity to the negative battery terminal or the ground system on the boat.
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