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  1. How much deeper is the keel than the new rudder?
  2. Yup this is what I thought as well. The MOB-1 is a great device, but sadly, this is not one of those. I had never seen one of these before and I can't figure out just what it does.
  3. A skipper I'm planning to sail with recently purchased 10 Mcmurdo Smartfind S20 personal MOB AIS beacons. I had not seen this model before but I figured what the heck, and I volunteered to program them with his MMSI. Well, I just opened one, and apparently there is no way to program it with an MMSI to hail via DSC. All the others of these I have seen require programming so they hail the proper vessel via DSC and I thought that, in the US, this was required. The Mcmurdo website does not mention programming, or which countries the device can be used in. So, what's the story with thes
  4. Two days ago I spoke with the B&G guys while at Charleston Race Week, explain the problem with the new plotter. Instead of offering any kind of support, they told me I must have it hooked up wrong, probably a "power problem" they said. I asked how the screen blinking but the entire plotter otherwise working fine could be a power issue but they just kept insisting I probably didn't have it powered properly. I get that they are sales guys, but still...
  5. I did get a Zeus 3 from B&G, put it on the same N2K bus as the Zeus 2 and connected via enet as well. The chart cards (Navionics) are in the 3 at the helm, just in case the sharing fails. They don't play particularly well together. I start one and then the other, and it sometimes causes the first to restart. Sometimes the haring works, other times not so well and I need to restart one or the other. If I just turn them on eventually they will stop cycling and settle down and share charts. Now, the Zeus 3 was bought on B&Gs upgrade program, which means they sent me a refurb, and it
  6. Well Dobbs Davis told me: A variance of 220 pounds boat to boat surprises me, and makes me wonder if the measured boats are really completely stripped of stuff. That would make a difference in one design as well as handicap, obviously. Dobbs and I were discussing this because I was looking at getting an ORC cert for Charleston Race Week. Today I decided against that. It would cost at least $750, and worse be a major pain in the ass to get the boat stripped down and moved to the measurement site. Plus the scratch sheet only has about 4 or 5 ORC boats registered across 4 different O
  7. Okay but... How does an ORC rating translate to a PHRF rating?
  8. Thanks @Roleur Here the PHRF rules are not so clear. I emailed our handicapper what the change would be and he replied. Its keyed to ORC, which I know very little about.
  9. I have seen @Blur and others here talk about using an oversized kits on the J/111 for more speed (fun), but as I search I can't find the right thread. I currently have an A1.5, A2 and an A3, all class legal, and I'm thinking my inventory could benefit from a bigger asym. I'm sailing mostly in Charleston, SC and we're not seeing San Fran type winds, although it's not super light either. What would you guys suggest as a good sweet spot for more speed in medium winds vs PHRF hit?
  10. I should be able to help you with a trailer.
  11. Only if it's turned on. No one carries pyrotechnics in their PFD, but they do have lights which automatically deploy (if it's an ocean capable PFD). Since I brought it up I'll mention that the AIS MOB beacon can be rigged inside the PFD to automatically activate upon inflation, and also it needs to be programmed to match the MMSI of the boat. The PLB can not be rigged to activate automatically, but can be carried in the PFD and does not need to be programmed, just registered once.
  12. Oh. My boat has the ones at the "aft face of coachroof" but not the ones in the cockpit. I going to add those! Thanks!
  13. @Blur somewhat a tiny little bit on topic, I see in your videos that you have opening ports in the cockpit, is that standard on a Euro boat or did you add those?
  14. The bow team on the 105 gets wetter than the driver on the 99. Unless it's raining really hard. If it's a big concern, your "friend" can always take up golf.
  15. I misspoke. Of course, as always, the GF or wife or both tits are welcome, but not in lieu of the boat pics. If both are provided, so much the better. Extra credit if the tit pics are taken on the First 36.
  16. Sadly, most people don't know what a distress flag looks like either. Most people do know what a flare means.
  17. You all can bring your boats here to Charleston, we'll have none of that Covid restriction crap and it's an awesome place!
  18. We'll need lots and lots and lots and lots of pics, and in this case, not fo your GF's tits!
  19. Get those kids from Expedition Evans to repair it. They will make it famous on YouTube.
  20. Navionics on B&G plotters. Not impressed, the channel markers to Charleston Harbor are not plotted where they actually are. When they are used as marks for offshore races, the crew sometimes asks me where the hell I'm going as they sit on their rail, looking at cell phones.
  21. For offshore, I prefer MOB AIS beacons to PLBs. The boat you're most likely to be rescued by is the one you fell off of. Or better yet, both.
  22. Oh I see. Well in a pinch, perhaps you could just add an attachment point to that sprit end to attach a bobstay?
  23. If it's just a plug with a hole in the center, how do you run a tackline out through the end? If you can design a part, you can prototype it in plastic on any 3D printer and when you reach the final design, you can send the design out to be printed in carbon. But, 3D carbon has a lot of nylon so I wonder if it would be strong enough.
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