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  1. Did you really want to sell that display? If so I'm interested, but Nexus, even NX2, is a great system. The issue with the polarized glasses is a common problem.

    1. George Dewey

      George Dewey

      Its a good unit. Actually, very good and you were lucky to find one. I have two NX2 Multi XLs and a bunch of NXR stuff. I would like to find another Multi XL to put on the mast (so I'll have 3 - with 6 lines of data). The NXR stuff is nice but the XL30s I have are too big for my boat. The new displays are exceptional but three of them would cost me more than I want to pay. Multi XLs are a great sweet spot.

      If you have any problems or questions let me know, good luck!


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