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  1. Time out, I'm confused... Does this mean that the smaller boat caused the hole in FH? More importantly, are you saying that the CG report is not accurate? We would love to hear your side of that story as well...
  2. My question is, is your plan still to sail FH to Hawaii and if so, what projects remain until you can do that? What parts are needed?
  3. Harleys aren't shit, they are like Morgans - retro to the max. They are what they are and comparing them to modern stuff is pointless since they aren't even in that game. If they're what you like there isn't really anything else. Would you compare the style & performance of a Morgan to a current Ferrari and say the Morgan is, perforce, shit? Please, please God no!
  4. yup... look at the old threads.... you are not the first to make that observation. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he knew that...
  5. No harm to them but also none to the people who have to save their sorry butts should FH actually make it out the gate. I have long ago stopped being concerned about that, because it's abundantly clear that this monstrosity is not going to make it out the gate, let alone half way across the Pacific. FH can probably survive little waves and light winds, so HR, RV and Monsieur LeDouche should be glad they found a spot where they can stay in reasonable safety, and just enjoy living on board while they can. Clearly, Guy is at least entertaining their women, and hey, a happy wife equates to a
  6. No beer? Clearly you're not, and have never been, a sailor.
  7. Since HotRod himself seems to have been pretty open about having posted here, and the unintelligible sock puppets seemed to go away completely during the incarceration period and since then, I think all those posts were from HR himself. Mike the awesome Viking might very well be relatively unaware about all of this. No, it was "Mike the awesome Viking" who provided a pic of himself to be posted...
  8. Hi All... Sorry, I promised these pics quite a while ago, but better late than never... Jim https://www.dropbox.com/sh/flhzptpe94vap90/SDhXwNQcYP
  9. Okay kids, linked for your reading pleasure is the US Coast Guard case report and other documentation concerning the July 31, 2013 incident with FH. Its a 2.6MB PDF file. Enjoy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulh9nwvgu2sualc/Flyin_Hawwian_CG_report.pdf
  10. If RV never posted here, then he must have a twin who has a barge just like FH. The pic was definitive.
  11. I actually spoke with the CG person who was handling the FOIA request, and she told me that the incident she located was the only incident she could locate. I filed a broad request as far as time was concerned, so apparently, at least until I had filed the request, there had been just one incident involving the CG. Perhaps there was another afterwards but the one I referred to was the first incident involving the CG. I was quite irritated when I read the docs because HR or the viking or someone associated with that bunch made some disparaging remarks about the CG, claiming that the CG some
  12. Isn't this 4 weeks old? Hey, I said that when the FOIA request was answered, I would post it. They take about 4 weeks...
  13. Hi All, sorry I have been absent from the fun and games for a few days, but this thread is a low priority and I had to get the kid off to college. Anyhow, the FOIA documents on the July 31 FH incident are in. Sadly, I have to go out the door in a bit, so this is just a tease. I'll be back quite late so I'll scan and upload it all Monday or Tuesday. But, readers digest is that the CG got a report of a 65 foot cat taking on water near some rocks and dispatched some guys to assist. Two coasties boarded but never attempted to tow FH anywhere. There was a "quarter sized hole" that the FH crew h
  14. The HR clan sockpuppets really need to learn to use the site. They keep quoting back comments without adding their own comments... Seems to be a trend for them. Come on Sabray, get with the program!
  15. OOps, I got my conversion backwards... Oh well... We didn't have any other boats to pace against. However, Steve was looking at the video and he thinks - and I agree - there was less wind than I originally said. He was thinking his boat, an older 30 footer, would have been going a knott slower in those conditions.
  16. Hm, they are still tweaking the boat here and there, and no class rules are even remotely within sight... So that's $14,290 in US dollars. How much of that is taxes? Is there a 15% VAT on that?
  17. Maybe they just want a better location from which to watch other cats break?
  18. Semi-serious? Are you siem-expecting this will happen? If the world was ending completely, I guess I would take my chance to sail on an AC72. If the world was ending except for Hawaii, then one of the old J boats. Those would make it from CA to Hawaii without trouble. To get there, I would find people who know how to sail it and tell them that they can come with me or die, which would be true. Why they need me I don't know, so I'll make sure I have more reg army than they do.
  19. You guys catch any flying lead out there? only flying gray pelicans. The only sign of life on FH was the sound of the genset. If the women folk are starting to abandon the dream, I wonder how Viking is fairing. Maybe time to start a pool about when Raccoon gets its first taste of Hawaiian food. prediction for today's weather was 20k SSW which could have made things rough out there in anchor out land. Ya have to give Mrs. Rod credit actually, she hung in there quite a while. My wife never would have lived on that thing. She needs her hot showers and hot food, and I don't blame her. My t
  20. What are you, some fucking academic? Fuck off, asswipe! Actually, no, the saddlebags made it look like a trike, but it is (or was) seen sitting on a kickstand. Trikes lack those.
  21. Upwind, there basically was no weather or lee helm most of the time. When we were sailing along nice and flat, we could easily steer with just a pinkey. You'll see that here and there in the video (I don't know exactly where). When the puffs came, the boat would heel, the helm would load ever so slightly with weather helm. We would drop the traveler and, if it was a big puff, put on some back stay. The boat would stand back up, accelerate and the weather helm would vanish. When the wind lightened we just put the bow down, brought the traveler in, deepened the main and off we went, all with th
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