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  1. Thanks Spoffo! I have a tee shirt that says "Its only funny until someone gets hurt - Then its hilarious!" Looks like a small number of white caps, so about 15 knots wind and a little chop, and they are already having a battle. I think this is about to get hilarious. Glad to see they are at least smart enough to put on a PFD. We can enjoy this without blood.
  2. “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”
  3. Well, yes and no. I have not made a big list of each and every dire prediction, but what this guy has done is to have built a giant raft. So far, he has been blessed by good weather. I can't say what the fall will bring where he is, but coming into the fall here in the northeast, there are going to be some good storms. If he was here he might have another month to get that thing going or pull it out. If a good storm comes, its going to drag its anchor. If he brings it to a marina and ties up, and it breaks apart, its going to damage other boats. My bet is he knows all this and is just tryi
  4. Failing a sat, maybe the kids in the CA Civil Air Patrol can help... Or is CA too broke to still have a CAP?
  5. Never mind boats! Cal the CIA/NSA and retask a sat! This is a matter of national security! How many pounds of Semtex could he pack on that thing? 3? Maybe 4?
  6. Thanks Spoffo, love the reports! We'll see if there is anything left to report on when you get back Saturday. Should we start a pool? We all kick in a fin, and whoever guesses the date and time of the sinking closest wins the pot...
  7. Whats with the power boat tied up behind FH? Is it Hotrod's or was there a visitor?
  8. Well in this case, "snuck" is a relative term. I just meant he left earlier than expected, given that he was extended 3 weeks (or so we thought) and as a result we all were not able to get some good video. I think the eviction theory has merit, but the more tantalizing questions are, where is he going (that is, who would allow him) and will he make it? I wonder if he considered painting the thing blue-gray? Then he could sneak better...
  9. In California, is there an insurance requirement? Does the Harbor Master have any authority to prevent FH from heading out? I ask because I don't know, not because I am arguing the point. We're having fun with this, but if Hotrod or whoever actually tries to move this thing somewhere he not only risks the safety of those on board, but also of those who have to rescue him.
  10. Ah, you have hit on his plan! Do something so phenomenally stupid that a "reality" TV producer will come make a show out of it, and pay you a ton of money to be the fool. Kind of like Teen Mom or whatever it was...
  11. We could all be nice and take up a collection to buy him a Sea Tow membership... I wonder if he has tried to get offshore insurance yet...
  12. I wonder if he'll get an MMSI and if so, what he will list as boat information... A VHF handheld is all he needs, he won't be making it out of range of a rubber antenna.
  13. Have they released polars for it yet?
  14. Need some company? Someone to help crew?
  15. Concerning the heavy engine, in my 30 foot boat there have been a few times I was really glad I had a 13HP Yanmar (I think its a 2GMF). Each time was because of very heavy seas and bad weather. It will move my boat past 6 knots ion good weather, but my boat displaces about 7,500 pounds. The J/88 is much lighter so the engine probably moves it at hull speed. There have been many more times when I wished I didn't have such a heavy engine, but if the J/88 becomes a one design and everyone has the same engine then it won't be so bad. I'm disappointed at the price tag. I realize its going to b
  16. Okay, I have searched and searched... It looks like this ark got launched somewhere around page 27, but are there no pics of the splashing? Has it managed to go anywhere?
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