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    Down the road, will the LL Harbor Master take responsibility for letting this uninsured piece of junk into San Francisco Bay?


    In California, is there an insurance requirement? Does the Harbor Master have any authority to prevent FH from heading out? I ask because I don't know, not because I am arguing the point. We're having fun with this, but if Hotrod or whoever actually tries to move this thing somewhere he not only risks the safety of those on board, but also of those who have to rescue him.

  2. I think the sea trial may go somewhat like the episode of the Mythbusters where they made a boat from duct tape (same water too, I believe). It was a situation where the boat could have failed at any moment, but they worked to see what it could do (and had a rescue crew ready). With some knowledge of sailing, they were able to make the boat move. IF the FH can survive some chop, the sails may allow it to deviate as much as 30 degrees from DDW. Woo Hoo, Sailing! Right up until it sinks. If we can convince the TV guys to film the FH's sailing, maybe they will bring the rescue crew too.


    Ah, you have hit on his plan! Do something so phenomenally stupid that a "reality" TV producer will come make a show out of it, and pay you a ton of money to be the fool. Kind of like Teen Mom or whatever it was...

  3. Concerning the heavy engine, in my 30 foot boat there have been a few times I was really glad I had a 13HP Yanmar (I think its a 2GMF). Each time was because of very heavy seas and bad weather. It will move my boat past 6 knots ion good weather, but my boat displaces about 7,500 pounds. The J/88 is much lighter so the engine probably moves it at hull speed. There have been many more times when I wished I didn't have such a heavy engine, but if the J/88 becomes a one design and everyone has the same engine then it won't be so bad.


    I'm disappointed at the price tag. I realize its going to be a well built, well designed, sturdy boat, but $125k seems pretty steep for 29 feet, and that's without sails and electronics. How much more is a J/111, and what do boats comparable to this new J cost? I was thinking if it was about 90k I might not have to wait until the kid is done with college. And law school. And I might still be young enough to really have some fun.

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