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  1. Wholly carp. Almost 11 foot of draft? Don't know much about down south, but up here in the Spaced Coast, 11 foot of keel would mean you'd be aground most of the time. Pretty shallow in the Inland Waterways until you get offshore. We ain't know as the world's largest sandbar for nuthin'.
  2. Wuuuuu…. Looks to be some good news finally!
  3. Sigh. And they lose to Brigram Young. This season can’t end soon enough.
  4. Nice. Going to try that. There's also the Ball and Dummy drill. A buddy loads a mag for you with a random mix of live rounds and dummies. When you get the click, you'll be able to see what you were doing during the trigger press. Worked really well for me, I didn't believe I was snatching the trigger until a few dummy rounds.
  5. Now, now, now... The Walter P.38 (barely) fits into your pre-WWII classification. I spent an enjoyable day at the range with one (1943 parts gun), bangin' steel at 50 and 100 yards. I found the Walther to be remarkably modern in feel, performance and reliability. But, I'm 100% in agreement with the Luger, what a shiite show. Got to remember, it was a turn of the century, steam-powered pistol. The Tok wasn't bad, largely because it was a rip-off of JMB's Colt 1903.
  6. IN 2006 Cerberus/ Freedom Group bought Remington along with many other firearm related companies, the most notable being Marlin Firearms. They immediately started playing Stupid MBA Tricks to service the huge debt load. Quality and innovation were the first things sacrificed. By 2015, consumers were fed up with Big Green, and revenues took a further dive. A couple of bankruptcies later, the remaining assets of the historic 200+ year-old company were sold on the block to multiple companies. Several months ago, The Remington Ammo company resumed production as part of a consortium that al
  7. . Looking at the effed-up main hoist, the unpower boat, the lack of running lights, and most telling: the fenders dragging in the water, it's obvious this dude is just some crazy, juiced-up idiot who doesn't know how to sail. So yeah, he probably is a bowman.
  8. Q1 EDC: What's your favorite brand of IWB or OWB: I use a semi-custom kydex holster maker with excellent customer service: Jason at Concealment Solutions. https://www.concealmentsolutions.com/default.asp I'm partial to his IWB ASP Micro https://www.concealmentsolutions.com/product-p/asp_micro.htm, which is a comfortable, minimalistic holster that has a molded in Crows-Foot to push the gun butt closer to the body for mo bettah concealment. With Charlotte, I own several of his holsters and I'm very well pleased. Note: I will not use a CCW holster with retention: Too much to go wrong when
  9. Sumdoood looks rather restrained and soft-spoken for a Bowwie.
  10. Since the Corsairs are still in Navy livery, they may NOT to be on their way to be transferred to another country. The Navy is right particular about that. Maybe to a Naval base on the Italian peninsula? However, the Midway was deployed during the first 3 month of '49, embarking a shiite load of Corsairs, no ports of call were given. Hmm. Maybe the birds were on their way to the Greeks. I found records of Helldivers being given to the Greek Gov't to fight the Sov backed rebels. The timing is right.
  11. Hmm. Don't think the Pasta Benders flew Corsairs. But, I think (debatable) the Greeks did. Bout to do a deep dive into Duck Duck Go. Will report when I surface.
  12. USS Midway in her early, straight deck configuration. Ferrying Corsairs? To the French?
  13. The toxicology report should be very educational.
  14. PB; Got the Lil' Hawk. And it is truly a wonder. I can see why you liked it: a stout, unbreakable, do everything tool, of a type that doesn't exist today. The Lakota is in relatively good shape and seems hardly used. The lock-up is rock solid, the action is however a bit stiff; prolly from the 4 decades old not-so-lubricant. I'll most-likely give it a spin in the ultrasonic cleaner. Looks like at some time the owner tried to put a razor edge on the blade, but that slight damage looks easily repairable by a competent knifesmith. Gotta say, even now, it IS perfect for my "Git Home" ba
  15. Yup. But given SC's current administration, zir will have to be a post-operative, differentially-abled, neither white nor Asian, non CIS normative, right (Left) thinking, illegal, person of a Doctorate in Education.
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