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  1. Lordy, I have no idea... a 4800 modem the size of a suitcase? Mid 70's? Prolly Big Iron computing. When I first started fumbling around with micro computers (Osborne 1), my 1200 baud modem was the size of a medium paperback book. That would have been about '81 or '82. Seems like only 5 or 6 years later I was BMOC with a 9600 modem on a card in my IBM AT. I was still using my 1200 to dial phone numbers at work. They thought I was an evil genius. Man, we've come so far. An ol' geeky friend called me up to brag about his gig fiber line, liquid cooled gaming computer and syn
  2. Muricans combine for a Two-Fer: US Gold in Men's and Women's Skeet! https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/team-usa-wins-gold-in-mens-and-womens-skeet-shooting-in-tokyo-olympics/
  3. Yeah, but it was hot schlitz back in the day. Baby steps, baby.
  4. The Oprahlympics have been a thing for a long time, with the focus on the athlete's personal "story", often a weepy examination of their struggles. Damn little about the sport itself. The Olympics have been unwatchable for years.
  5. I don’t pretend to understand all the various Competition categories. However, I’ve heard that Bill Shaner’s score is near miraculous. And I think I remember that because of japanese laws, no gunpowder firearms were allowed. Hence the air guns. Ahh… according to Google, China’s win was for Women’s 10m airgun.
  6. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2021/07/sunday-gunday-will-shaner-wins-air-rifle-olympic-gold-medal/#:~:text=20-Year-Old William Shaner just won the USA’s second,just 1.2 points shy of the world record. The USA did win gold in the 10m Airgun competition.
  7. Team USA Basketball loses to the.... French? Seems like someone else other than me doesn't give a rat's ass about the Olympics.
  8. Redheads... Had to be Redheads.
  9. Was from an article I read on the intrawebz. <shudder> It sited some USA AA Grade, Fauci approved source like the Federal Department of Deers (Interior? Don't know - there's been rum since then.) But, there are many more deer today. I do know all shooting related purchases have an 11% tax to support wildlife, and that money has been used to increase the deer population overall. And we ARE seeing more wildlife as we encroach on their natural habitat - but they are also learning how to exist in the 'burbs. An ol' neighbor's prized rose garden was destroyed by some fat deer. From
  10. Amen. The damn things have quadrupled in the last 20-30 years... They're becoming a real nuisance.
  11. My boss came back from a 10 day Turkey hunt in Gnu Yawk - skunked. I took a picture out of my dining room window of 4 huge hens, a Tom, and 10-12 large chicks. I wonder why I got another shit assignment from him. After he gets skunked deer hunting (a tradition), I've got a picture of 3 huge (for Floriduh) does hanging about my front yard.
  12. Verra nice, WB! Looks like a place one could rest his soul. In my backyard, all I can think is "I've gotta choot that effin' gator."
  13. Dumb effers. Near hit one - 600 yards from my house. Came around a curve and saw the 6 point buck standing along side of the road. I looked at him - he looked at me. I slowed - and he continued to watch me approach. Then at the perfect moment, he jumped - into my path. Car's got good steering and great brakes, and I missed the dumbsonsabritch by a red doe hair.
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