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  1. Mein Gott. Read the report - two seriously injured, no one killed. Fortunately, St. Christopher was on the ball... Sounds like he was just about the only one. Problem when you fly with multiple pilots, copilots, naviguessers, flight engineers, flight commanders, check pilots, Brass... It can sometimes sound like more of a board meeting than a cockpit. Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) can be a real challenge. Company sent me to ground school CRM. Unfortunately, I missed out getting to do it in the simulator. The take away: Involve, listen, value, direct, delegate -- but if
  2. Rest in Peace, Prince Philip. Well done, well done indeed. My sincere condolences to Queen Elizabeth, a true icon of the last 80 years. And my apologies about that whole Markle thing. She should feel free to behead her for treason, along with that Ginger Twat.
  3. Me likin’ freeOffice. Even the free versions of Excel and Word seem to be functioning well. They do have a paid professional version for 60. I’m morally sick of Microsoft and supervillain Bill Gates.
  4. Coworker flew C-141s before thankfully transitioning to the KC-10. He called the StarLifter the East German WhisperJet. Pressurized to keep the sound inside.
  5. Ho Lee Fwuk! I'll bet that was a ride. That'd be one where Rescue has to use the Jaws of Life to pull the seat cushions out of the crew's puckered arses. Overran the runway on landing? Takeoff? Where?
  6. As our now Guide Star once said; "This ain't Sailing Nicey-Nice." Raise a glass to your newfound wisdom. I'll join you, but I'm at least a half-case behind.
  7. If he's asking about us, he's got his priorities completely bum-fuzzled. Himself, his daughters, Hope, Boomer and Ms. Boom, friends and family matter most; fergetzboutuz. Except for knowing we're all pulling for him, HARD. Go The Hobot! Kick its adze!
  8. It seems that the Space/ Time Continuum has shifted radically in Florida. Our Governor, Ron DeSantis, in now arguably the best Governor in the Nation. He is definitely not living up to the high standards of a Floriduh Man!
  9. If you say so, Mr Snags. Me, when my own, dearly beloved, neon-white butt is wearing a seat in a yestertech C-5... I'd like a little margin.
  10. I was a docent and airplane and crew focal for an air show at Long Beach. They gave me the C-5A. Those guys and gals were great: The crew of 12-15 were pros and had everything already figured out long ago. The hardest thing I did for them all weekend was get them several cases of water and bags of ice a day. My buddies who had the F-16, F-18 and F-117 had a much harder time, as the pilots were only interested in chasing skirt. The F-117 at that time was still Top Secret, and it was guarded by a huge, non-smiling Air Police Sergeant with an M-16, who desperately wanted to shoot a pilot, but
  11. Let’s unpack this, shall we? The one in the OP was made by McDD? McDonnell Douglas designed and built the C-17 (the plane in the first photo), based largely on the YC-15 flying prototype, which was developed by Douglas Aircraft. The C-17’s first flight was in September, 1991. Boeing <spit> bought McDonnell Douglas at the end of 1996. By that time we had the program under control and were pumping out money. Do you know how the system works? Is it that the jet engine hits the flap in its way, then makes the billowy cushion of ground-effect turbulence? I assume the need t
  12. McDonnell Douglas. And, yes. Boeing had the Powered Lift concept, which was very good very slow, but sucked rock at cruise.
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