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  1. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g7659357-Activities-Brevard_County_Florida.html Been to or heard good things about most of the attractions. The local crazies (but, I repeat myself) say an airboat ride amongst the gators is not to be missed. Hard Pass, especially when Orlando has such a really bitchin' Costco. I hate the Rat's mega-corporation with the power of a thousand suns. It's an evil organization dedicated to vacuuming out wallets -- and they're damned good at it. And what does SHMBO love more than anything else? DisneyLand and DisneyWorld: Once a year on her birfda
  2. Tell me when I can breathe again... (Got a lot of NoGro (Northrop Grumman) stock. NYSE: NOC.)
  3. Not to be an ass, that's a given, but there's an unfired 50th Anniversary Super Blackhawk on Gun Broke for $1300. I do see the Ruger Ring, so your pistol is in a more desirable condition. Jes' Sayin' BTW: I'm about to go out by the pond and try out the suppressed pistol. Squee!
  4. They are pretty damn neat. It was a tough choice, but my ol' wrist just wasn't flexible enough use that highly raked pistol grip comfortably. I understand Magpul now has a line of furniture for the CZ. Got a can on it? Replacing the faux suppressor on the carbine with a real one would be very sweet. Damn - discontinued: Magpul Edition
  5. Oh, gawd! Drop what you're doing and buy the dang thing! NOW! I've got a 1866 Yellowboy Spaghetti Clone, the predecessor to the 1873. It's a huge amount of fun. To have an authentic Winchester.... https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/rifle-ammo/cowboy-action-ammo-44-40-winchester-200gr-round-nose-flat-point-prod103315.aspx http://www.black-hills.com/product-category/cowboy-ammo/ These are somewhat lighter loads that should be respectful of your old warrior. Black Hills ammo is VERY good. And reloading isn't hard, nor does it have to be expensive, and it's very rewa
  6. Dayum. Weren't a lot of bones left to be broken...
  7. Nettles, as a SASS Cowboy Action Shooter, and I can tell you just how damn easy it is to miss a man-sized target from just a few yards away with a 12 ga, 18”, cylinder-bore, modern @#$%^&* shotgun. The splattergun has to be aimed, despite what the internet commandos say. With it’s limited 5 to 8 round capacity, the tactical shotgun is really hamstrung as a self defense weapon. My choice for home-defense is the Ruger PPC 9; an extremely reliable, handy, soft shooting, accurate, high capacity carbine (multi-intruder home invasions are on the rise); it meets all my needs, for a good pric
  8. Wonder if the coroner will be able to determine if the cause of death was the Delta or Omicron variant?
  9. Lever (and action) open, fingers nowhere near the trigger, and barrel pointed straight up with the muzzle above your head. Very rarely the range will require the gun to be pointed down. Good on you for asking.
  10. Daammnn. I was at a Dixie Crossroads restaurant in Titsville 3 decades ago. Great time. We're prolly 70-80 minutes away, buuuuuutttttt...
  11. I've order twice through WalMart. Unhappy both times. First was a third party vendor who shipped a counterfeit product. Walmart Customer "Service" was completely uninterested in this issue - and instructed me to contact their vendor directly. You can imagine how far that got. I ended up eating the cost. Second was a billing issue that Walmart was mostly uninterested in. I finally had to make a fuss and it eventually got taken care of. I'll not deal with Walmart again. I'm also looking for another internet goods provider - but I found nothing comparable. I'm still
  12. That's great! Mein brudder reports that ammo availability in Kali is better, but the cost is still astronomical. Out here in Floriduh, I bought 500 primers, at 10 cents each, and felt lucky to do that... Insane.
  13. Snags, you definitely need to add a fully semi-automatic tactical melon baller. https://monsterhunternation.com/2015/10/06/update-modern-manhood-achieved/
  14. Yah. Kinda a range toy? Like SB's Magpul drum. In a fit of credit card enabled stupidity, I bought one of those things. Although it feeds flawlessly, the amount of pain it takes to load the damn thing means it'll stay in my "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" box. That's the very full box in the back of the closet. Currently, I sport a chest rig with room for 6 Happy Sticks. Why on earth would I need 231 rounds on tap is a very good question. Prolly "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" again.
  15. Yeebus. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Naaaaaaaaaaw!
  16. Good advice. I have calf-length boots for when I'm brush-busting. And I'm looking at getting some shin guards. Gotta say tho... as a nervous apex predator, when I can, venomous snakes are relocated off this mortal coil.
  17. that's a damn big gator That's what my still gibbering lizard-brain reported... Realistically, based on the flattened grass where it was lying, it was prolly around 6-7 feet. But that's 6-7 more feet than I wanted to see.
  18. I've come toes to nose with a 100 foot gator. Fortunately, we both mutually agreed to go the opposite direction as fast as possible. I've run across coral snakes and rattlers before. Not in a hurry to add water moccasins nor pythons to the mix. Our most prevalent snake here is the Black Racer, which as an non-venomous eater of mice, insects and other snakes, get's a Via con Dios from me. I'm always armed when I work outside. If I'm working beyond the fence next to the swales or canal, I've got usually something bigger on the hip. The gators are particularly fractious during their
  19. Dooooooood, you're being set up. Sporting Clays is a fiendish derivative of Trap and Skeet with some upland game shooting thrown in just for fun. You're going to be totally behind the power curve, as birds come from your left and right, fly high or just skim the brush, or even bounce along the ground. It's a total dick move to start out a NoooB cold on Sporting Clays. I'll bet the weasel looks forward to bragging to the Bossi that ol' Wettie didn't hit one bird! Still, we didn't get to be sailors by being realistic. I'd ask to try the Trap Fields first. But... failing that: A rang
  20. Nettles, for your wife's defense, you might think about a pistol caliber carbine, like the Ruger PCC 9. It's a real pussycat, very soft shooting, relatively quiet, the girlies love them, it's accurate and reliable, and brings up to 33 rounds of 9mm to the party.
  21. Mossberg SA-20 is very highly regarded. Semiauto's are goofy enough that I'd be hesitant about some potentially sketchy Turkish splattergun. Especially, for one targeted for self-defense. However, the Churchill Side by Side gun are getting some very good notice in the Cowboy Action sport.
  22. You need to quickly riff off 10 405 gr Jovian Thunderbolts to appreciate the full impact of the 45-70. The last 3 were a bit hazy. I got behind a Sharps-Boreschardt 45-110 clone. That ruined me for life for anything else in a Falling Block.
  23. WS, if you like the 45-70 Gov't, God's Caliber, look at the Marlin 1895CB (Cowboy). I got a lightly used pre-Remington <spit> 1895CB long before things went bugshit nuts. Hella gun. It's my long-range SASS side-match whip. Sistership Under Ruger's ownership, Marlin is now starting to once again produce levers. Their 1895 Guide Gun is supposed to be a thing o' beauty. M-1894s are also in the production pipeline, as are the 336s. They're not going to be cheap, but they are going to be great.
  24. Trent Palmer, an accomplished back country pilot with a similar plane, and a youtuber of some note, dissects Jacob's video. "Red Flags Everywhere."
  25. Yeah, if my memory still serves me... they also make an awesome Tartar Sauce. However, the St Elmo's Horseradish gets 4.837 out of 5 Snags from me. I'm told it's made from real horses.
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