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  1. Tonight, I should receive the Primary Arms 2x Prism scope intended for my cordless hole puncher. Let’s see how this helps my astigmatism.
  2. Dawg needed an o’dark 30 emergency potty break. So I’m out there in my starkers, in the Floriduh blackness, waiting for her to finish. The skeeters loved it.
  3. Wouldn't want to put my pet in the hold of the aircraft. I know of a couple of instances where the pressurization has failed in the forward hold; the owners got a freeze-dried pet at the end of the flight. It's also loud and dark and thoroughly frightening. There have also been instances of the ramp apes putting live animals in the unpressurized hold. I'd take my pets via surface transport if at all possible. Or leave them with a trusted friend.
  4. For a formal breakfast, there should be three reloads, be it revolver speed-loaders or a pistol's three magazines, to the left. For a traditional 'Murican breakfast, the handgun must be a Colt Single Action Army in .45 LC, although, in more Progressive climes, a Colt 1911A1 may be substituted.
  5. Have you tried a prong collar? Used correctly, a high quality (Herm Sprenger) prong collar is safer than a choke chain collar. I've got a hard-headed Husky/ GDS mix, and the prong collar is just a gentle reminder to her when she needs it. With her thick ruff and powerful neck, she can hardly feel a choke collar's pop.
  6. This trigger surprised me. Great feel for a great price. And now on sale for 80 bones. I own a couple of them; they're installed in my older builds. https://www.primaryarms.com/rock-river-arms-national-match-2-stage-trigger
  7. 80/20 rule, PB. Just like every other thing.
  8. Been hearing VERY good things about the Timney Drop In Trigger, but it's a single stage. Meownself, I prefer the Geisselle SSA-E, chiefly because a trigger snob buddy got me hooked early on. For the short range bangers, that ALG ACT is a very good trigger for about 80 bucks. The other thing you should be looking at is ammo. I've become a devote of the 77gr Match King load that the military calls the M262 for the longer game. However, you'll need a 1:8 or preferably a 1:7 twist barrel to stabilize the heavier bullet.
  9. Years ago, 10-12 years. Rolled into the Minney's parking lot and there was a big sign: CLOSED!!! I had heard it was for good.
  10. Yup. I throw business at our Ace every chance I get. They've earned it - having saved my over-ample butt many times with the odd hardware no-one else has. Year ago, they stayed open with Hurricane Irma only hours away, when Home Despot and Lows had already packed it in. Earlier that day, I got my stick of 1" EMT that I made into the ground stakes that kept my Thistle in the same county. That type of community dedication keeps me going back to Ace, Publix and Waffle House. And their prices aren't half bad. Walking out with my precious weirdo bolts, I spied a Buck 119 Camp Knife I've
  11. I refuse to believe anyone could be that stupid. 'cept me.
  12. Oh, they broke, alright. The first one felt a lot like the wrench caming over. The second was a sickening snap. Then the even more sickening aw-shit realization. Fortunately, the screws were in a clamping type arrangement, so I had access to both ends of the bolts. A little penetrating oil, a standard right-hand drill bit, a careful centering starter punch, then the press of the drill bit against the end of the bolt, and each bolt's remnants backed themselves out of the threads. Whew. Except for the trip to Harbor Fright for the proper sized drill bits, it was done in less time than
  13. Prolly not the best place to admit I torqued some screws 20 ft/lbs instead of 20 in/lbs, huh? <Sigh>
  14. Pure, unfiltered Clint: God and Stoner got together got together and put this sonsabitch together.
  15. Yep. The old man has a lot to share. Happy Meal! I've got to point out that the self-defense community now largely considers the shotgun to be a niche weapon, a niche PDWs and PCCs are making even smaller. My ol' hoss Mossy slider is now relegated to the dark corner of the safe. But... it's still in the safe: you just never know.
  16. Gotta love Clint Smith; "Buy a hundred. Quit bein' a bitch." His AR video series is well worth your time. "Just like God and Eugene Stoner intended."
  17. There's of video of Security taking the foo' to the back of the band shell and beating the crap out of him. That's Entertainment! And I don't think his arm is meant to bend that way.
  18. Is that what the maroon that attacked Dave Chappelle tried to use? Some serious, professional stupidity going on there. Edit: Yup - the attacker was/ is an aspiring Rapper. And, wholly carp, the Holly Bowl's security sure didn't improve his stage presence.
  19. I'm looking for a 120v/ 240v 50a+ portable generator. Unfortunately, most of the ones I've looked at divide the power into a 30a single phase plug as well as other outlets. Frustrating. Of course, the man cave has a separate mini-split A/C unit - could you that as a cool off station. Luck, man.
  20. Ya, Irma. That beyatch greeted us three weeks after we completed the move here to Rancho de la Foxtrot. The wifey was NOT AMUSED. Everything I owned - all my tools - were somewhere in 200 incorrectly labeled cardboard boxes. Fortunately, several neighbors took this Lotus Eater from LA LA Land under their wings; providing desperately needed advice, tools and PLYWOOD. Charlotte and I finished our preps, including the new plywood shutters, about 5 hours before the Cat 3 'cane whizzed by. Thankfully for us on the East Coast, she petulantly didn't make the expected right turn (NO! - Your OT
  21. The damn bustards are endemic in the States. I've seen a couple down here in Middling Floriduh. Never with a shotgun in my hands. When we lived in St. Loo, the cutest girl in my store got attached by a flock of those ill-eagle immigrants. Nasty, cranky bastards.
  22. Sheet, dude, we all do it. I was on an international podcast for a couple of minutes and I did the clip/ magazine faux-pas, and took shiite from several countries. How's that recoil reduction thingie working? I once did four rounds of Cowboy Trap in a row (using our competition guns - 18' barrel/ no choke/ metal buttpad/ full house loads) and I think I rattled something loose between the ears. Those shock absorbers look mighty nice.
  23. Dooood, thanks so much for the education. Never even dreamed these things existed - amazing tech. I don't get seasick, but it's an issue with the lord and master; and therefore - being able to own a boat. Can the flywheel be safely spun up underway, when in the shit?
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