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  1. Wholly Carp! Never heard of them - and they're much lighter than I'd expect - and they work? Sonsovabritch! But you better up your alternator's game.
  2. Very, very true. Tornadoes were bad. You only knew when they could appear. So, for 6 months you had to be constantly looking over your shoulder. And the 2 AM Tornado Warnings were the worst: gather up the cats, dogs, and... oh yeah, the wife, and totter on down to the tornado hole... a couple of night of that shiite does you no good. Hurricanes are a game of Forecasting, Probabilities and Risk Management. Couple of years ago, we had the Cat 5 Dorian beating the absolute crap out of the Bahamas. The guessers forecast it to come ashore in Florida -- right over my pointy lil' head. I
  3. Oooooooh, nice! Did Benelli design it before Beretta bought them? And come on, an entry-level Beretta? Ain't no such thing. I bought a Benelli Super Montefeltro 90 back when Rock was still good. Still my favorite splattergun for Trap/ Skeet. Gotta get back in the clay games - too much fun. But... most of the fun was the guys in the squad. The Pullers used to fight over who worked us because of our constant five-way stream of bullshit. I lost a 25 because I was laughing so hard. We tipped well too - that certainly didn't hurt. Enjoy! Knock down a Canadian Murder Chicken for
  4. Jules, you've been here longer than I have... But, it seems EVERY hurricane season is always above average. Then again... it only takes one. As a member in good standing in Curmudgeons Local #42, I freakin' hate the Weather Channel for over hyping every heavy dew as the next 40 Day Flood. And Get Ed Off My Lawn!
  5. It isn't Florida -- It's MIAMI!!!
  6. I just remember when our slip neighbor in Dana Point equipped his Cheoy Lee trawler with a steadying sail. This, after years of giving us E-35 "Diaper Hangers" hell. I even helped him with the rigging.
  7. My apologies, CB. I was alluding to the frighteningly quick economic collapse that hit Detroit in the 70s. Many economists believe the same will happen to Cali once the tech firms have had enough. And jeez, everyone knows Cali's draconian stand on gun rights. Can't have them damn taxpayers shooting the constituents, now can you? BTW: Whatcha get, whatcha get???
  8. I plan to chug around the Inland Waterway. Don't think the stabilizers would be that necessary here. However, for trips out to the Bahamas... Man, I wish I could afford a 50' GB. For now, I'll just pay the more flexible...
  9. Grand Banks! That's them! Thanks! As the knees complain more and more, a gentile Grand Banks chugging along at hull speed sounds like a wonderful idea.
  10. What ever happened to the displacement trawler of 30-38 feet, with a single efficient diesel swinging a huge prop? Good for 8-10 kts in comfort without breaking the fuel budget. They were all the rage when I was a pup back in the 80s. Every summer Friday late afternoon there was a yuge armada of trawlers leaving from Newport, Dana, Long Beach, LA and heading to Catalina.
  11. Well... the torque wrench was set to foot pounds - not inch pounds... And things got set back about a week... <sigh>
  12. Okay -- that freakin' cracked me up. Perfect!
  13. https://www.inverse.com/science/webb-smashes-new-milestone
  14. "Now The James Webb Space Telescope Alignment is complete! See what kind of images are starting to come out of James Webb, and these are just test images! The 18 mirrors that make up the large primary mirror over six meters in diameter are finally perfectly aligned and capable of producing images even beyond the expectations of engineers! To test the ultimate quality of the mirror alignment, the JWST targeted a start-rich region in the Great Magellanic Cloud, a Milky Way satellite galaxy, achieving an exceptional result. Th
  15. Lots of stories about live ordinance in public spaces. Few of my favorites: A Civil War Artillery shell in a museum display for decades was found to be full of black powder. EOD removed it to a parking lot where it "Blewed all the hell up". A WWII Grand Slam bomb being used as a Gate Guard was found to still be filled with 6.5 tons of explosive. A VFW Hall used 14 inch naval shells with chains welded to their tips to line the front formal walk-way. A visiting old battleship gunnery officer recognized the shells were NOT inert - although fortunately not equipped with live f
  16. A post-dated check loan? True story: Charlotte has a bit more than a thousand dollars of points to be spent in Disney facilities. She wants to take a Disney cruise - but I'm afraid I'd end up tossing the Rat overboard or making a play for Tinker Belle (Rowrr.) So we're talking about a Disney resort down south at Vero Beach. A thou shouldn't last too long at Disney - I can maintain...
  17. All the way to the mug shot, Snags.
  18. Drunk and Disorderly at the Mouse House sounds like a REEEEEAAAALLLLLL good idea. Hate that place - Charlotte loves it.
  19. Leonid and Friends are playing Orlando May 20th, Jules. It's a Friday, but Charlotte and I are contemplating making it a Eff-it-All long weekend.
  20. Cooooools! Is that bird in civilian hands? Never seen a mil Tweet (Tweety Bird), Super Tweet, or Dragonfly with such a beautiful glossy paint job. Guy at work taught the South Vietnamese ground attack in the "Converter" (converts fuel to noise). When it wasn't the Converter, it was the Tweet or Super Tweet. He liked the Vietnamese, but had problems keeping them out of the tree tops. The pilots were very aggressive and had a distinct tendency to press their attacks too low in support of the ground troops. Too cool to be able to fly in one!
  21. LOL. It was a deliberate play on words. This was the second week I had the knife ...aaaaaand... it was a weak assed review. Too good to pass up.
  22. Two Weak Review: A VERY nice knife. Well constructed, balanced, sharp and solid. It feels very good in the hand. After practicing my draw, it's *almost* as fast as my Leek. Guts Amazon boxes like nobody's bidness. I like it a lot. But, the bastard is BIG. Wouldn't think an extra 3/4" would make that much of a difference: It does. When the heavy blade flicks out and locks, it's a challenge to hold on. Then again, it's size, heft and sturdiness would serve very well as a utility knife; just not a carry knife. I'm going to continue to work with it, see if I can come to some accommodation.
  23. I hope Tyson beats Morgan and Morgan (there's TWO of the bastards?) like a drunken Florida Man.
  24. Don't get me wrong, I love Cali; the Pacific, climate, geography, Avalon, scenery, people, Mexican food, etc. It's just that the government is beyond bugshit nuts. I only ask you to look at the long established trends. In just about every category, Cali is objectively bad when compared to many other states, and - unfortunately - getting worse exponentially. I have been watching my birth state for 9 years now from outside the Tofu Curtain, and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. Luck, man! And please post pix of your Win 1885!
  25. They're voting with their feet. Like we did when we fled California. It's a vote that cannot be stolen.
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